Talktalk Broadband Speed Test


TalkTalk broadband speed test

TalkTalk is one of the most reputable and oldest ISP in the UK. The oldest name in the cellular industry, TalkTalk provides its customers with the fastest speed Internet at very affordable prices. It has a high percentage of Internet users among other broadband service providers and provides the Internet with 100% security. This TalkTalk speed test review discusses everything you need to know about it.

What is the TalkTalk speed test?

TalkTalk is the UK’s leading Internet service provider and ranks in the number 4 position out of 1227 ISPs. With our TalkTalk speed test tool, you will be able to check the speed and quality of your Internet. Most online speed checkers provide the basic speed metric, but our tool will give you server response time, jitter, and speed improvement suggestions. Above all, you will get an accurate result every time when you hit the ‘go’ button to check the speed of your broadband connection.

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How to perform the TalkTalk broadband speed test?

Running a speed test on your Internet-connected device is very easy. You can check the quality of your broadband connection in a few seconds.

  • To do this, visit our website,
  • Go to the main menu and choose the category with the name ‘UK.’
  • Now select the TalkTalk speed test and press the ‘go’ button to start your speed test.

Once you click the ‘go’ button, it will connect to the closet server available near your location. This means many factors may affect the final speed test results. Native ISP tests run the test against a server within the Internet service providers, meaning they don’t test the exact speed of your Internet. On the other hand, third-party websites help you access real Internet speed.


Talktalk Broadband Speed Test


Why Should I Test My Internet Speed?

You need to check your Internet speed if you are facing a slower Internet problem or your browser takes more time to open a site. Testing your Internet speed gives you an insight into the quality of your Internet connection. You can also know whether you are getting the exact speed for what you are paying.

Is TalkTalk faster than its competitors?

TalkTalk vs Sky

The broadband services of both providers are pretty similar. Sky and TalkTalk offer almost the same upload and download speeds. Both service providers are widely available in the UK. However, TalkTalk undercuts Sky despite offering similar broadband speeds.

TalkTalk vs Virgin Media

Virgin Media is the UK’s leading service provider that has an efficient cable network. So it offers fast speeds to its broadband customers than TalkTalk. Unlike TalkTalk, it is a less widely available and more expensive broadband service.

TalkTalk vs BT

TalkTalk offers more affordable packages than Sky but offers similar upload and download speeds. So if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, TalkTalk is the best bet.

TalkTalk Broadband download speeds

TalkTalk offers a variety of download speeds that cater to the needs of small to large households. The best thing is that it offers unlimited download speeds with all its packages.

Fast broadband

Fast broadband is an entry-level package of TalkTalk with a download speed of 11 Mbps. This package works best for those who don’t use multiple Internet-connected devices, occasionally stream movies, TV shows, or music, and only use the Internet for browsing.

Fiber 35

Fiber 35 comes with an average speed of 38 Mbps which is great for those who want to use a fiber Internet connection to do online activities without their Internet slowing down.

Fiber 65

You can enjoy faster Internet with a 67Mbps download speed that is suitable for large households with many occupants. With this faster speed, you can do various online activities on multiple Internet-connected devices, such as gaming, browsing, checking out social media, and more.

Fiber 150

Fiber 150 takes things up a notch with the FTTP offering. It has a download speed of 145 Mbps, which allows you rapid access to the Internet. Multiple web devices can be connected while using fiber 150.

Fiber 500

Made for hardcore users, fiber 500 is increasingly available with a download speed of 500 Mbps. This means you can enjoy hours-long gaming marathons, connect multiple devices at the same time, and stream movies.

Fiber 900

It is the TalkTalk future fiber 900 package that brings full fiber into your home. It uses the latest fiber technology and delivers a download speed the way up to 900 Mbps. It is a superfast package of TalkTalk, which is 24 times faster than standard fiber.

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What are the average TalkTalk upload speeds?

TalkTalk entry-level package has an average upload speed of 1 Mbps, and fiber 35 comes with an upload speed of 9 Mbps. Fiber 165 has 18 Mbps of upload speed, while Fiber 150 comes with an average upload speed of 25 Mbps.

Its Future fiber deals offer faster upload speeds. The fiber 500 deal has an upload speed of 71Mbps, while the fiber 900 deal offers an ultrafast speed 91Mbps.