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If you’re not aware of your internet connection’s speeds, it’s best to do so as soon as possible. It may seem like an unnecessary measure; however, an internet speed test is crucial for maintaining a high-speed internet connection.

So, continue reading below to find out more about internet speed tests and which websites to use in order to obtain the most accurate and reliable test results.

Internet speed test sites’ best practices

Speed tests are best done when following the right practices. Otherwise, there can be errors that can harm the accuracy of your speed test results.

The first important practice to keep in mind is not to share your connection with others during the speed test. This will result in poor speed test results when in reality, your connection may be faster.

Moreover, don’t rely on a single test and take the average of several different internet speed tests. Additionally, make sure to test throughout the day for the best results.

Australia ISP Speed Test

Why should you test your internet speed?

Internet service providers are not always faithful to their customers. Often, they provide poor internet speeds when you are paying for fast connections.

So, it’s best to ensure your ISP is giving you the right speed through an internet speed test. However, an internet speed test can also help you troubleshoot your internet connection in some cases and allow you to improve speeds.


The Telstra speed test is an informative website that can provide you with internet speed test results within seconds. So, head on to their website to obtain internet connection metrics.


The TGP speed test is quite popular thanks to its reliability. It is not only accurate and fast but also provides several other metrics alongside upload and download speeds.

Aussie Broadband 

Aussie Broadband is a telecommunications company that also provides reliable speed tests. Whenever you need to find out your connection’s speeds, visit the Aussie Broadband speed test site.


The IInet speed test can also be used to obtain fast, secure, and reliable speed test results if you ever need to test your internet connection.


The OPTUS speed test is well-known as it provides reliable results. You can use the OPTUS speed test in a matter of a few seconds and get the desired results.


The Exetel speed test is another great option if you are looking for fast and informative speed test results. Simply head on to the site and get your speed test results without having to wait.

OZ Speed Test

You can use the OZ speed test website to attain informative yet fast results at the click of a single button.

Spintel Speed Test

Spintel speed test does not disappoint when it comes to calculating internet speeds. You can rely on this website to give you the most accurate and reliable results.

How do I find out my internet connection’s speeds?

You can find out the upload as well as the download speeds of your ISP’s internet connection through the following link: