Sky Speed Test

A comprehensive guide to Sky speed test

Sky tops the charts with millions of subscribers when it comes to giants of the broadband world in the UK. It provides TV, ADSL, broadband, and fiber services across the UK. The Sky users enjoy the fastest speed of the Internet with a download speed of 59 Mbps and an upload speed of 16 Mbps. If you are a Sky broadband user and want to check your Internet speed, try using speed checker to check your download and upload speed, jitter, and latency. In this article, we will discuss how to run the sky speed test.

What is the Sky speed test?

The Sky is the UK’s biggest broadband provider that offers a wide range of Internet packages. It is best known for its phone, TV, and broadband services, but it also offers various deals if you don’t want to subscribe to its TV services with Internet services. Those who want more Internet boost can enjoy the fastest Internet with ‘boost’. However, the user needs to pay an additional fee to take advantage of this deal. With this deal, you will get wireless Internet in every homeroom.

Sky Broadband speeds

There are three Internet packages that Sky offers. All packages come with unlimited usage, which means there is no limit to downloading. However, not all packages come with different download and upload speeds.

Sky Broadband Essential

The standard package advertised with the name ‘essential’ package offers an average download speed of 11 Mbps. This speed is fast enough for a small family with one or two people who stream TV shows or stream movies on one device at a time. So, if you are a family of two and your main online activity is streaming Netflix, then this package should be fine for you as long as you are not streaming in 4K. If you want to stream it 4K on a 4K TV, you need sky broadband superfast. If you don’t know which package is right for your home, keep in mind that 10 Mbps speed is enough for each member of the family that does online activity at the same time as others.

Sky Broadband Superfast

With the superfast package, you can expect an average download speed of 59 Mbps which is ideal for households with three to four occupants. If two or more family members stream at once, this speed should be enough to keep everyone connected without any interruption.

Sky Broadband Ultrafast

Its premium package with the name ‘ultrafast’ has an average download speed of 145 Mbps which is suited to large households. That means if a family of 6 connected to the Internet at once and streams a movie, it will support it without any problem.

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How to check Sky speed

Check your Sky Internet speed with our Sky speed checker is simple. Here’s how to check the speed of your Sky broadband connection:

  • Head over to our website using Google Chrome or any other web browser.
  • Click the ‘go’ button and wait for a couple of seconds, and the speed checker will start testing your download and upload speed, latency, and jitter.

Sky Speed Test


What is the download speed of a Sky broadband connection? 

The average download speed of Sky broadband is 59 Mbps, while its ultrafast package provides 99 MBps.

What is the upload speed of the Sky broadband connection? 

Upload speed gives you an idea of how long it will take to send large files or upload videos or images. The essential package offers 1Mbps upload speed; Sky superfast comes with 16 Mbps, while the ultrafast deal offers 27 Mbps. Its rival BT offers various deals like Fiber 1 service and Fiber 2 service with an upload speed of 8 Mbps and 17 Mbps, respectively. On the other hand, Virgin Media provides an average upload speed of 5 Mbps with its M50 deal. However, its M200 package provides approximately 20Mbps upload speed.

How to confirm your Internet is slow?

Sometimes you may feel that the Internet is quite slow, but your broadband connection is OK. To confirm your Internet speed, visit our website and check your Internet speed. You have no need to download any app to browse All you need to do is open our website on your browser and start the speed test to check the upload and download speed of your broadband connection.

How can I make my Sky broadband faster?

If your Internet is slow, try connecting your laptop to the hub with an Ethernet cable because wired connections are more stable and faster than Wi-Fi.

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Can I Boost My Sky Wi-Fi signal?

The short answer is ‘yes.’ Sky provides a Wi-Fi booster that can extend the Wi-Fi signals of your hub. It not only covers the areas that are harder to reach in your home but also improves your Wi-Fi coverage. However, it won’t improve the speed you get.