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Find out your internet speed without having to wait a single moment

It’s always a good idea to find out your internet’s speed. In fact, not doing so may cause you to rely on a slow connection that can otherwise be improved.

However, not all internet speed test websites are reliable to check your internet connection’s speeds. To find out the best internet speed test websites, continue reading below.

Best Internet speed test sites

Here are the best internet speed test sites you can use.


The Etisalat speed test is one of the best options available for checking your internet connection’s speeds. So, make sure to head on to the website and obtain the best results.


The Du speed test is an impressive contender as well and provides fast, secure, and informative speed test results. It’s not surprising it is a popular website for checking internet speeds.


The ITC speed test can also be used to obtain internet speed test results at the click of a button within seconds. This speed test also provides other internet metrics along with speeds.


The Mobily speed test is another great option you can use to find out your internet connection’s speeds. So, whenever you are unsure about your internet speed, go over to the website and find out.


The NetSpeed test is a popular tool used for calculating internet speed. It not only provides quick results but also offers plenty of useful information about internet connections.

Mean ISP Speed Test


The Sahara net speed test can also be used if you are looking to get fast, accurate, and reliable internet speed test results.


The STC speed test is an impressive option when it comes to measuring accurate internet upload and download speeds. You can get internet speed test results on this website at the click of a button.


The Zain speed test is quite reliable in terms of speed test results. Moreover, it offers several other metrics, such as ping, latency, and jitter along with internet connection speeds.


You can also try using the Friendi speed test to get accurate internet speed test results. What’s best about this website is that it’s fast, secure, and user-friendly.


Nawras speed test is a well-known contender in this list, due to its impressive features. For instance, it provides fast results on a user-friendly website and also offers additional internet metrics.


The Omantel speed test is used quite frequently by people to measure internet speeds. This is not surprising as the website is known to be incredibly reliable, fast, and secure.


The Renna speed test is another good choice for you to use for looking up your internet connection’s speeds. Head over to the website to obtain accurate results within seconds.


The Bezeq speed test provides fast, secure, and reliable speed test results in a matter of a few seconds. You can see it for yourself on the Bezeq website.

Hot Net 

Hot Net speed test is also a great choice for finding out your internet connection’s speed. It is not only safe and reliable to use but also provides extra internet metrics that may be useful.


The Netvision speed test is quite reliable. It provides an easy way to find out your internet’s speed and also makes it a fast process.


Lastly, the TCS speed test can also be used to get quick, reliable, and accurate internet speed test results. So, visit the website and find out your internet speeds in just a few seconds.

How to check the internet speeds I receive from my ISP?

You can do so by visiting the link below and clicking on the site of your ISP: