Vodafone Speed Test

Vodafone Speed Test Review

Whether it is Vodafone or any other Internet service provider, speed test sites display unbiased results. Moreover, it helps the users to measure key factors such as upload speed, jitter, download speed, and ping of their broadband connection. Are you wondering how to perform the Vodafone speed test? What download and upload speed Vodafone offers to its customers? Read this Vodafone speed test review that will explain all.

What is the Vodafone speed test?

Vodafone is the leading telecom company based in the UK that is keeping people connected. This company operates in Africa and Europe and building a digital future. They provide a wide range of connectivity services, including fixed line and mobile connectivity for businesses and residential consumers. Its broadband services are available in several big cities such as Bristol, Lewisham, Hammersmith, Wandsworth, and more.

The fastest broadband speeds range in these cities range from 37 Mbps to 103 Mbps. The maximum Internet speeds vary from 13 to 289 megabits per second. However, most Vodafone customers obtain speeds between 44 and 289 megabits per second. Vodafone speed test can provide valuable insights into how well your internet connection actually performs.

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How to check the Vodafone speed test?

Open your browser and head to fastspeedcheck.us. Click on the ‘go’ button to get an accurate assessment of your Vodafone broadband connection. You can also perform this speed test on ookla and check how to fix issues with your Vodafone Internet connection below the speed test widget.

Vodafone broadband speeds

Vodafone offers a variety of download and upload speeds for your broadband connection. People who gave full fiber access in their area can enjoy faster FTTP (fiber to the premise) broadband.

Vodafone Fiber 1

This Internet plan comes with a download speed from 38 Mb to 41 Mb while the upload speed is 10 Mb. The entry-level Vodafone fiber 1 package provides an upload speed of 10 Mb and a download speed of 38 Mb.

If you are a residential consumer and two or three people use the Internet, these speeds are enough for your home. For larger families where more than three people use broadband for online activities like streaming and uploading large files, it may not be a good Internet plan for you. It offers an average speed of 41 Mb in some areas.

Vodafone Fiber 2 

This internet plan comes with a download speed between 67 Mb and 82 Mb and an upload speed of 20 Mb. This is the fastest fiber service Vodafone offers, with an average upload speed of 20 Mb and a download speed of 67 Mb. This plan is available for the price as Vodafone fiber 1, making it a good option for larger homes. It might be worth considering if you need faster speed. In selected locations, this plan is available with a higher 82 Mb average download speed.

Vodafone Speed Test


What is Considered “Fast” Internet?

There is no consensus on what qualifies as ‘fast’ Internet speed. People who use fiber Internet can expect a download speed higher than 200 Mbps. But it is not widely available. Users can expect a higher speed of up to 100 Mbps in areas where optical fiber internet is not an option.

How does the Vodafone Speed Test work?

This test measures your download and upload speeds to give you a better understanding of the performance of your internet connection. Whether you’re running an online business or streaming movies, the results from this test can help you make decisions about how to best use your connection. When you hit the start button, it will connect to the nearest available server and measure the speeds, latency, and jitter.

What is the Average Download Speed of Vodafone Internet?

The average download speed of a Vodafone broadband connection is 67 Mb.

What is the Average Upload Speed of Vodafone Internet?

The average upload speed of a Vodafone broadband connection is 20 Mb.

Why do I get different internet speeds on my computer and my phone?

Speed test sites like fastspeedcheck.us measure the speed of your broadband connection at a particular instant. It may lead to variations in the final results of your speed test on your computer and phone. It depends on the bandwidth available and network congestion.

Why is my Vodafone Internet so slow?

If you are experiencing slower 4G Vodafone Internet, check the coverage in your area or anything that might affect the broadband services. If you are using fiber Internet, consider restarting your router or upgrading to a mesh network because it can be due to an outdated router or router location.

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What is the fastest speed of Vodafone’s high-end package?

The fastest speed of its high-end Internet package is 900Mbits/sec. This ultra-fast speed is dubbed as ‘Gigafast.’ This means it pushes an average download speed all the way up to 910 Mb/sec, which is more than its rival broadband services like BT and EE.