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Find out your internet speeds in a matter of seconds

Everyone wants to know their internet speeds, but it can often be quite hard to do so. However, with the help of reliable websites to do the job for you, finding your internet speed is no longer a challenging task.

Best internet speed test sites

Here are some of the best internet speed test sites you can use.


As the name suggests, the A1 speed test is at the top when it comes to internet speed tests and provides great results.


The Semperit speed test is another great option if you are looking for fast speed test results.

Magenta Speed Test

The Magenta speed test is a reliable option for quick and easy internet speed tests at the click of a button.


The Liwest speed test can be quite reliable as well, thanks to its modern features and quick speed test results.


Proximus speed test is well-known when it comes to internet speed tests. So, make sure to try it out whenever you want to view your internet’s speed.


The Voo speed test is another contender in this list, as it’s equipped with useful features, information, and fast results.


The Telenet speed test provides fast internet speed test results at the click of a button, alongside several other internet metrics that you may find useful.


If you want fast, secure, and reliable internet speed test results, make sure to head on to the Orange speed test website to find the most suitable results.

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The Bilzoo speed test is another suitable option if you want fast, secure, and reliable internet speed test results.

Hrvatski Telekom

Hrvatski Telekom speed test is used across the world thanks to its informative and fast results.


Hakom is another popularly used website for checking internet speeds. Head on to the Hakom speed test website to get your speeds as well.

T Mobile 

T Mobile is a renowned telecommunications company throughout the world. Therefore, T Mobile speed tests are some of the best internet speed tests you can conduct.


Primetel speed test can also be used to get an accurate idea of the speeds your internet connection is functioning at.


Cyta speed test is another option in this list due to its accuracy, user-friendly interface, and quick results.


The Telia speed test is a great choice for those who want to view their internet connection’s speed in an instant.


The Elisa speed test can be quite reliable. It not only provides several metrics alongside speed results but is also easy to use.


Sonera speed test is easy to use and provides in-depth information as well as fast results.


Bouygues speed test can also be used to obtain fast, secure, and reliable internet speed test results.


Awm speed tests provide incredibly informative results that include ping, latency, and upload speeds.


Cosmote speed test is quite reliable for calculating internet upload and download speeds. So, head on to their website if you want such metrics.


The Magyar speed test is user-friendly and provides informative speed test results within seconds.


The Digi speed test is a reliable choice for you. It will not fail to impress, as it provides informative results that are accurate and fast.


The Eolo speed test is another great option for you due to its friendly user interface and accurate results.


The Tim speed test can also be used to gain accurate results with plenty of information along with speed test results.


The Ziggo speed test is quite popular and for a good reason. Ziggo provides fast, secure, and reliable internet speed test results.


The Movistar speed test does not fail to impress when it comes to providing fast, reliable, and informative speed test results.


Schveiz speed test is another candidate in this list due to its impressive information, quick result timings, and friendly user interface.


Swisscom is a popular website for calculating internet speeds. So, if you’re looking to get an accurate idea of your internet’s speed, use the Swisscom speed test.

How do I find out what internet speeds I receive from my ISP?

Check out your ISP’s upload and download speeds by visiting the following link: