Virgin Speed Test

Virgin speed test Review

When it comes to broadband speed, the UK’s reigning king is virgin media, which offers a wide range of fiber Internet options for users, putting it ahead of Vodafone, EE, BT, and TalkTalk. It clinched the year’s Expert Reviews Best Broadband Awards in 2022 by a considerable margin. This Virgin speed test review will explain how to run its speed test, how it works, and its fastest speeds. Let’s delve into it!

What is the Virgin Speed test?

Virgin Media provides ultrafast Internet speed, making it the UK’s leading Internet service provider. Customers can enjoy download speeds from 50Mbits/sec to 1130Mbits/sec to do online activities such as streaming, playing online games, and browsing. If you are a broadband user, there are several speed options for you to do online activities. With broadband packages, it also offers bundles for TV and broadband and phone and broadband.

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How to Test Virgin Internet Speed?

Virgin speed test checks how fast your broadband connection is. Here’s how to test virgin Internet speed with our speed test tool.

  • First off, connect your device to the router.
  • Open your web browser and head over to to check the download and upload speed, ping, and jitter.
  • Now press the ‘go’ button.

When you tap the ‘go’ button, the speed check will tell you everything you need to know about your broadband connection. Upload and download speeds are measured in Mbps (megabits per second). When it comes to Internet speeds, no one can match the services of Virgin. Its high-speed Internet allows customers to stream ultra HD videos with no obstacles and large download files in a few seconds. Its Wi-Fi strength is so powerful and has enough speed for uploading, streaming, and playing games on various devices.

How does the broadband speed checker work?

The Internet speed test measures your broadband connection by uploading and downloading small bits of data and calculates the time it takes. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your router to get accurate results.

Virgin Speed Test


What are the causes of the slow broadband performance of Virgin Media?

The slower speed of your broadband is due to the overuse of your device’s resources, such as memory, RAM, and CPU. Use the task manager to check your RAM and processor utilization in your laptop.

If you are using any other device, restart your device, which should shut down all the apps that may be using your system’s resources.

You can use Virgin media speed check on your phone and PC to see the comparison of the results between the two devices. This way, you will get the information to work with in terms of whether the issue is with the Virgin media broadband connection or with your device.

What is the fastest speed of Virgin broadband?

Virgin Media currently offers the fastest broadband speed in the UK, and its premium package speed is unrivalled. The average download speed is 1130 Mbps. While its biggest rival, BT, offers the fastest download speed of 900 Mbps.

However, no household needs this amount of fastest speed. But it provides a reliable and ultra-fast speed that gives the customers peace of mind. In short, it comfortably supports unlimited numbers of connected devices at the same time, multiple gamers, and UHD streams.

Virgin Media speeds of M50, M100, M200 and M350

Speed is the main focus of Virgin media, which means you can expect the fastest speed possible when signing up for its broadband connection. Where the other Internet service providers offer their entry-level services with 36 Mbit/sec, it starts its M50 fiber services with an average speed of 54 Mbit /sec. Its slower upload speed is just 5Mbits/sec.

It is more expensive than the M100, M200, and M350 fibre services that come with an average download speed of 108Mbits/sec, 213Mbits/sec, and 362Mbits/sec, respectively. The average upload speed of these broadband services is from 10 Mbit/sec to 36 Mbit/sec. The setup fee for all these packages is £35 per month, which is the broadband-only deal. You need to pay approximately £9 extra per month for free landline and weekend calls.

Does Virgin media have good broadband Coverage?

Despite Virgin’s fastest speed, the biggest issue that customers face is the coverage. Its Internet services are not available in many areas of the UK. Around 60% of UK households can access the services of Virgin, but not all of these can get the fastest download and upload speeds. For example, its Gig 1 package is 22 times faster than other services and only covers half of the national footprint of Virgin Media.

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Is BT broadband more reliable than Virgin?

Virgin arguably offers ultrafast broadband services but lags slightly behind its rival BT regarding customer service. When it comes to choosing a broadband provider, speed and customer service are the most important factors. With some great extras and decent technology, BT might be the better option, but if you want reliable and fast internet service, Virgin is the best option to go.