BT Speed Test

BT speed test– BT speeds and how to perform its speed test

BT is the UK’s leading Internet service provider that offers a variety of broadband deals with fast speeds. Its useful extras are pretty tempting for the users. BT is one of the few major ISPs that can offer Internet services without a phone line. BT speed test allows you to check the speed of its broadband connection to review how it works and what results from you can expect.

What is BT?

BT is a major player in the UK broadband market and is known for its extra-fast packages, TV, and broadband deals. It has something to suit most people. BT offers fiber and standard broadband packages with ultrafast speed that meet the needs of large households. It also boosts its smart hub 2 router, which is included free with all packages.

What are BT speeds?

In general, the more people in your home, the more time they spend using the Internet, and the more bandwidth needed for doing the activities they enjoy online (such as gaming, streaming TV, and films), the faster the broadband speed you’re going to need. BT offers a range of broadband speeds to suit the differing needs of households. Let’s run through what the different packages offer. Its full fiber package comes with ultrafast upload speeds and downloads speed of up to 900Mbps.

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BT standard broadband

The standard package of BT offers an average speed of around 10 Mbps which is ideal for smaller families of up to three people. This standard package is perfect for those who use the Internet for social media scrolling, browsing, and online shopping. It doesn’t allow you to do something more intensive on the Internet.

BT Fiber

Fiber broadband is more reliable and faster than the standard package, making it ideal for those who spend more time online doing activities like streaming movies and TV shows and playing online games. It offers three different fiber packages: fiber essential, fiber 1, and fiber 2. BT essential package provides a download speed of 36 Mb and an upload speed of 9.5 Mb. The fiber 1 package comes with a download speed of 50 Mb and an upload speed of 9.5 Mb. On the other hand, BT fiber 2 is the quickest fiber service that BT offers, with a download speed of 67 Mb and an upload speed of 19.5 Mb.

BT Full Fiber

BT also offers full fiber service to its users with up to 900Mbps download speed. It is not yet available across the UK. Users can expect a huge increase in download and upload speeds over the Fiber 2 package. The best thing is that it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. Its upload speed may be welcome for those who regularly send large files. BT full fiber service is available in big UK cities like Liverpool, Cardiff, Leeds, Birmingham, London, Belfast, and Bristol.

How to check BT speed?

BT speed test is a simple and easy way to know about your broadband connection. All you need to do is browse choose BT speed test, and click on the ‘go’ button. The final results will be displayed after a few seconds.

BT Speed Test


What is the upload speed of a BT internet connection?

Upload speeds are how fast you can send and copy things from your computer to the cloud storage, Internet, or other devices. If you receive more data than you send, then upload speed may not be important to you. However, upload speed is more important than download speed if you send large files.

Its standard package has an upload speed of 1 Mbps. BT users with Full Fiber Essential and fiber 1 get around 10 Mbps upload speed. While it’s broadband customers with full fiber two benefit from an upload speed of 20 Mbps. People who have its full fiber package will receive around 30 Mbps upload speed. Its ultrafast package has an upload speed of 110Mbps.

What is the download speed of BT broadband?

The download speed of a BT broadband connection depends on the package you choose. You can expect a download speed of 6-900Mbps if you choose BT broadband services.

What is the fastest BT speed Internet plan?

Its fastest speed Internet plan is ultrafast FTTP that goes up to the download speed of 910 Mbps. This package will handle more than other BT broadband packages.

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