Samknows Speed Test

A mini guide to Sam knows Speed Test.

SamKnows is known for its method of testing and delivering accurate results to its customers. Specially designed modified routers are installed in the home to test mobile and fixed broadband connection performance. They are striving to improve global Internet performance. However, Samknows speed test is more intended to test faster connections, which means you may not be able to test the performance of slower lines.

What is Samknows Speed test?

SamKnows is an Internet speed analyst tech firm that helps consumers to put their broadband connection to the test by accessing the Internet performance data collected through Whitebox- a dedicated device for measuring the performance of your Internet connection. ISPs and regulators also use it to test the performance of their broadband services and look for potential problems.

What does Samknows do?

Samknows offers a variety of Internet performance tests that can provide real-time data on how good your streaming services, online games, video conferencing, social media networks, etc., are performing on your Internet service operators‘ networks.

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How to perform the Samknows Speed test?

You run the typical speed test from your browser over the home network to the router and then out to the nearest test server on the Internet. But this approach introduces the unknown variables into the final results of the speed test.

On the other hand, Samknows has a different approach when it comes to testing Internet performance. When you use Samknows services to check how fast your Internet is, they test at the edge of your home network, i.e., the router connected to the Internet.

That means it eliminates in-home factors such as old browsers, Wi-Fi with poor signal strength while conducting a test, or underpowered devices that may limit the available speed, etc. All these factors play a crucial role in creating a fair test environment, which is essential for reliable and accurate test results.

Users can download the Samknows mobile app to test their Internet performance, including browsing, latency, download, and upload speed. You can also log in to its app through Samknowns one account and see all these performance metrics.

You can also perform Samknows speed tests on third-party websites, like Simply browse the website, open the samknows speed test, and click on the start button.

Samknows Speed Test


Is Samknows accurate?

Nothing that it does will be able to overcome the problems that come with online speed tests, which can be affected by many issues. This includes package choice, internet service provider peering problems, slow Wi-Fi, network congestion, hardware, test server limitations, etc. However, you will get more accurate results for testing faster connections.

What does SamKnows Whitebox do?

Samknows manufactures a whitebox that can measure broadband and fixed line connections of 1Gbps. Its newer version Whitebox 9 can monitor ultra-fast broadband connections up to 2.5 Gb. It is also known for its capability to detect user-generated cross-traffic.

How does SamKnows work?

SamKnows users use Whitebox, which is a hardware measurement agent that provides a range of key performance metrics, including upload and download speed, packet loss, and latency. It is not affected by the factors within your home, like your computer. Samknows uses a hardware-based approach so that you can expect unrivaled accuracy for your test results.

What Factors Affect Internet Speed?

Several factors can affect your broadband connection speeds. These factors include the age of the device used, like your computer, the number of devices connected at a time, distance from the router, and latency. Wireless connection users may also experience slower Internet due to bad weather conditions. Signals get weaker when there is too much heat, heavy storms, or rain. If you are using a fixed line connection, it may also get affected by extreme weather.

Which ISP is more reliable, according to Samknows reports?

According to Samknows speed test tool reports, Virgin media tops the charts when it comes to more reliable broadband services. There is no surprise Virgin Media is at the top as it is one of the ultrafast broadband services out there. In the UK, it currently offers the fastest broadband speed with an average download speed of 1130 Mbps.

On the other hand, BT, which is the major ISP in the UK, offers an average download speed of 900 Mbps. With such ultrafast speed, Virgin media users can expect that they can connect multiple devices at a time, stream ultra HD videos and play online games.

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What are the signs of slow Internet?

Slower website load time, buffering while streaming videos, lagging online gameplay, and slow download speeds are some signs of slower Internet.

What to do if Sam knows speed test results are not good?

If your Samknows speed test results are not good, trying troubleshooting methods or resetting your router can help to improve your Internet speed. You may contact your ISP customer support if you don’t fix the issue on your own.