Hyperoptic Speed Test

Hyperoptic Speed Test Review

Hypertonic is a high-speed Internet service provider specializing in broadband and residential Internet services. It operates in the UK, known for the fastest speeds on its broadband network. It is part of a new wave of ISPs offering ultrafast broadband, which is advertised as gigabit broadband. Hyperopic is included in one of these providers that have its network.

The main focus of this provider is on apartment blocks in metropolitan cities. However, it doesn’t operate in as many areas as other providers in the UK. It is currently available to 0.6 million premises in 57 cities and towns in the UK. This guide will explain how to run a Hypertonic speed test to check how fast your Internet actually is.

What is the Hyperoptic Speed test?

Hypertonic is one of the Internet providers which provide the fastest speed Internet in the UK. It is significantly quicker than its rivals, thanks to its own broadband network. Unlike other ISPs that use shared networks, it is included in those providers that use their own network and offers an average speed of up to 900 Mb.

Above all, most of its deals are symmetrical, which means the user will get the same download and upload speed. This makes its upload speeds far faster than other Internet providers, and it is ideal for those who need a connection that can cope with large file uploads. It is competitive against major ISPs and really affordable. A hyperoptic speed test will tell you how your Internet connection is.

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Hyperoptic broadband speeds

Hyperoptic only offers fiber broadband to its customers, unlike other ISPs. There are four packages that it offers, including fast, superfast, ultrafast, and hyperfast package. The average speed of its entry-level package has an average speed of 50 Mbps. The tier 2 package is advertised as ‘superfast’ with a speed of 150 Mbps, while the ultrafast package comes with a speed of 500 Mbps. Its premium deal offers speeds all the way up to 900 Mbps which is enough for large house households.

What to do before Hyperoptic Speed Testing

You need to make sure that all your connected devices are switched off before running the hyperoptic speed test. The accuracy of your test results may be impacted if you keep using other connected devices while testing the speed of your broadband connection. The other most important thing that you take into account is that connect your PC to your modem to get more accurate results. Also, remember to upgrade to new versions of Windows or iOS because older versions of Windows or iOS may affect the final test results.

How to run the Hyperoptic Speed test

Performing a Hyperoptic speed test is like a walk in the park. All you need to do is browse our website, click on the hyperoptic speed test, and then hit the ‘go’ button. After a few seconds, the final results will be displayed on the screen.

Hyperoptic Speed Test


What does upload speeds Hyperoptic offer?

Most Internet providers offer good download speeds, but their packages come with low upload speeds. As Hyperoptic is a fiber network, it uses FTTP (fiber to the premises) that can offer symmetrical speeds. That means the user can enjoy the same upload and download speeds. Although its entry-level package offers 5 Mbps upload speeds with 50 Mbps download speed. But the other packages offer the same download and upload speeds. These packages are a godsend if you regularly send large files.

How can I improve my Hyperoptic internet speeds? 

If your web page is loading slowly or streaming takes more time than usual, it is recommended to restart your PC or modem, remove the virus or malware and empty the recycle bin.

Hyperoptic vs. Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin, and BT

The big players in the broadband market are Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, and BT, which also offer gigabit broadband services like Hyperoptic. They also offer similar download speeds to Hyperoptic, but their availability is very limited. Though it is not available everywhere, it offers better coverage than its rival Internet service providers.

 What are the Hyperoptic Deals?

Unlike other providers, Hyperoptic has its own fiber broadband network. It doesn’t offer a ‘standard’ speed package. Rather it only offers high-speed broadband services to its customers. Its entry-level deal offers 50 Mbps speed which is enough for smaller families. Most providers use a shared Openreach network, but Hyperoptic has its own network and offers full fiber.

That means customers can access much faster speeds than other providers that use shared networks. With its top-tier deal, customers can access an average speed of 900 Mbps. However, its network is not as widely available as Virgin Media, or other providers use the Openreach network.

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How long does the Hyperoptic speed test take?

It takes only a few seconds to show you the final test results. Hyperoptic Internet speed test is the easiest way to get an insight into your Internet connection, including jitter, latency, downloads, and upload speed.