Plusnet Speed Test

A mini guide to Plusnet speed test

Plusnet speed test helps you test your network speed in real-time. It also allows you to monitor the quality of your broadband connection. Keeping an eye on your internet speed helps ensure you get the exact speed for what you are paying. Are you wondering what Plusnet speeds are and how to perform the Plusnet speed test? This miniguide will explain it all.

What is Plusnet?

Plusnet is a British Internet service provider that offers mobile, landline, and broadband services. It is a subsidiary of BT, but a different management team runs it as a separate company. Plusnet runs on the Openreach network, meaning you can expect the same coverage as other Openreach providers. In short, it is widely available in most of the UK. Around 93% of Brits can access Openreach fiber services, and more than 6 million homes can connect to a full-fiber FTTP (fiber to the premises) network.

Unlike Virgin Media or other Internet service providers, it doesn’t offer fiber right to the door. So its speeds are slower, but it comes with good coverage unless you live in the countryside.

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Average Plusnet broadband speeds

Unlimited Broadband

The standard package of Plusnet comes with an average speed of 10 Mbps. As it is a basic ADSL package, so you can use it for web browsing and social media scrolling.

Unlimited Fiber

With an average speed of 36 Mbps, this fiber Internet package is good for those who want speed to stream the occasional movie.

Unlimited Fiber Extra

This package offers a faster speed that works well for small households. With up to 66 Mbps speeds, you can stream movies, do web browsing without any interruption, and do smart speaker action.

How to perform the Plusnet speed test

Testing your broadband speed at  is easy. Browse our website and go to the UK section and choose Plusnet. Now click the ‘start’ button to start the test and wait for a few seconds. After some time, the final results will appear on your screen. If the results show you a slower speed than you expected, then try troubleshooting methods or contact the Plusnet support team to confirm the concerns about the quality of your broadband connection. Upgrading your current package may also help you enjoy faster speed Internet. Also, don’t forget to.


Plusnet Speed Test


How can I make Plusnet broadband Wi-Fi faster?

Have your wireless black spots at your house? Upgrading your existing Wi-Fi setup can help you make your Wi-Fi speed faster. The best fix is to use a Wi-Fi booster that will help you cover any coverage holes. Wi-Fi booster picks up the existing Wi-Fi network signals and retransmits them to increase its coverage. It is recommended to place your Wi-Fi booster where the Wi-Fi signal from your Plusnet router is becoming weaker.

What are the Plusnet Upload speeds?

The upload speed of your broadband connection indicates how fast you can copy and send data from your computer or other devices to the cloud storage, Internet, etc. Upload speed is not as important as download speed for most of us because we stream relatively more data than we send. People who work from home or regularly share or store large documents on the Internet are interested in upload speeds.

Unlimited Broadband:

The basic package of Plusnet has an average speed of 1 Mbps.

Unlimited fiber:

This fiber package comes with an average speed of 9 Mbps.

Unlimited Fiber Extra:

The top-tier package has an upload speed of 18Mbps.

Plusnet vs EE and TalkTalk

The data from Samknows and the latest performance figures of Ofcom suggest that Plusnet delivers good speeds with 36 Mbps and 66 Mbps fiber services.

It is faster than its parent company BT at the lower level but not as fast as TalkTalk and EE. Plusnet is off the pace at the higher level with a 24-hour speed of 59.3 Mbps, while EE and BT have more than 60 Mbps.

Why is my Plusnet speed test not working?

Your Plusnet speed test may not work when many broadband users in your area try to connect to the Plusnet network simultaneously. Network congestion is another reason if your Plusnet speed test is not working. In this case, perform your speed test outside the peak hours to see if this issue is due to network congestion.

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Is Plusnet broadband any good?

Plusnet doesn’t offer good average speeds that are fast enough to stream movies regularly, play online games, and do other online activities that need faster download and upload speeds.

However, it offers affordable packages that undercut its rivals. Above all, customers get good speeds for their outlay. Plusnet is known for its excellent customer service, which suggests that it wouldn’t drop in quality anytime soon. Moreover, it offers one-year contracts, unlike other service providers.