Gigaclear Speed Test

Gigaclear speed test Review

Gigaclear is a broadband provider that uses pure fiber, unlike other providers. Pure fiber means customers can expect ultrafast speeds. It uses its own full fiber network to provide fast and affordable broadband. They deliver reliable and fast Internet to rural and poorly served areas. If you use the gigaclear broadband network and want to know how fast your Internet is, keep reading to learn how to perform the gigaclear speed test.

What is the Gigaclear speed test?

Gigaclear was launched in 2010 with the aim to bring fast broadband service in the rural and poorly served locations that have been let down by giant Virgin Media and Openreach in their plans. Its fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network is not readily available, and only 175,000 people use its broadband services.

Broadband Speeds of Gigaclear


Gigaclear offers three Internet deals for its broadband users. The entry-level or standard package offers an average download speed of 200 Mbps. It is the perfect download speed for users who are looking to catch up with family via video, stream movies, send emails and shop online.


The ultrafast package is best suited for large households with multiple devices, as it provides an average download speed of 600 Mbps. With this fast download speed, you can connect a great number of devices at the same time without any connection issues.


This top-tier package offers blazingly fast download speed, which supports the busiest and largest households. This package comes with a download speed of 900Mbps. This means you can stream 4k videos smoothly, download large files, play long online gaming sessions, and use AI voice assistants, speakers, and other smart devices. This package is also ideal for those who are learning or working from home. With 900 Mbps download speed, you can carry out all your tasks seamlessly.

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What to do before performing a gigaclear speed test?

Your cables and connections should be secure before running the speed test. If you are downloading something, it will affect the Mbps reading, so make sure to turn off any downloads and any software that relies on your broadband connection. Also, don’t forget to shut off any wireless-connected electronics like home security systems, tablets, and smartphones.

How to perform a gigaclear speed test?

A slower broadband connection is so annoying for everyone, and a speed test will help the users identify if there is an issue. has made it easy for broadband users to test what speed they are getting from their Internet connection. Simply visit our website and select the gigaclear speed test under the UK category to check your Internet connection speed. Press the ‘go button to start your test, and when the test finishes, you will receive a report that will show your upload and download speed, jitter, and latency.

Gigaclear Speed Test


What are the Upload speeds of Gigaclear broadband?

Gigaclear offers a full fiber network, which means all its packages offer symmetrical speeds. That means if you select 200 Mbps or 900 Mbps upload speed, you will get the same upload speed. For people who usually use the Internet to stream movies or play games, upload speeds are less useful for them compared to download speeds. If you get upload speeds this fast, it can benefit those who use cloud storage for all their data storage requirements.

How can I boost my Plusnet Wi-Fi signal?

You can boost your Plusnet Wi-Fi signals in a variety of ways. Repositioning the location of your router is the best and easiest solution. You can also use a Wi-Fi extender.

Is Gigaclear better than BT?

Gigaclear broadband’s speed test analysis shows a good speed range as compared to BT broadband. It ranks 13th among 96 Internet service providers in the UK. On the other hand, BT ranks 50th nationally, with 46 percent of speed test results scored above 50 megabits per second than 81 percent of Gigaclear speed test results above 50 megabits per second.

Why choose Gigaclear fiber broadband?

There are plenty of reasons why Gigaclear fiber broadband is the ideal choice as compared to traditional broadband. It comes with good latency, which means you can expect higher-quality voice calls, reliable data flow between the users, and non-stop data transfers. It also provides powerful signal strength over long distances. It operates at a higher frequency, so it offers a faster connection speed.

Is a Gigaclear Internet connection right for you?

It is the best Internet connection if you are in rural areas of the UK and looking for faster speeds on a budget.

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What to do with your speed test results?

Once you finish the Gigaclear speed test, review the final results and compare them to what was promised by Gigaclear. If they don’t match up, contact the support team of Gigaclear and inform them about the discrepancy between the test and what was advertised or promised. They will help troubleshoot any issues.