Eastlink Speed Test

A mini guide to Eastlink Speed Test

Eastlink is a reputable telecommunication company in Canada that offers various services in Atlantic Canada to keep people connected. It provides faster speed Internet to businesses and homes. If you live in some regions of Canada, like Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Newfoundland, Alberta, and Prince Edward Island, you can take advantage of its wide array of Internet plans. Users can enjoy up to 1 Gbps of the Internet for $99.95 per month.

Eastlink speed test helps you diagnose any potential issues with your internet connection and provides you with a better understanding of their overall bandwidth capabilities. It can give a snapshot of the download and upload speeds and other key indicators such as latency, jitter, and packet loss. Let’s take a look at how to run the Eastlink speed test.

What is Eastlink?

Eastlink is one of Canada’s leading providers of telecommunications services, offering high-speed internet plans to customers living in Atlantic Canada and small communities across Canada. This includes high-speed internet access, digital TV, wireless, and home phone services. With a wide range of products and services available at competitive prices, Eastlink provides Canadians with the perfect solutions for their communication needs. However, the type and price of the plan will vary by province. All of their plans offer unlimited data, meaning users can do all online activities without interruption.


What plans does Eastlink offer?

Eastlink’s internet packages come with various features, making them perfect for all types of users. With speeds ranging from 350Mbps to 1Gbps, Eastlink offers speeds that are perfect for streaming, gaming, downloading, and uploading files. All plans include unlimited monthly data usage, so you don’t have to worry about limited data. Some plans are based on where you live. Smaller communities can also access its Internet services where other providers don’t operate.

Fiber Link Internet 350

This plan offers unlimited data usage to the users. It has a download speed of 350 Mbps and an upload speed of 10 Mbps.

Fiber Link Internet 1GB

This is fast speed Internet package that offers 940 Mbps download speed, and 15 Mbps upload speed.

How to run the Eastlink speed test?

You can use Eastlink native speed test or third-party websites like fastsppedcheck.us to check your internet connection speed. Visit our website and open the Eastlink speed test page and select the “Go” button on this page to run the test. The test evaluates your current connection’s download speed, upload speed, jitter, and latency.

Eastlink Speed Test


Which speed of Internet should I get?

The speed of the Internet connection you will need depends on your needs and the number of people using it. For example, if only one person is streaming video or gaming online, then a lower speed, like 100 Mbps, should be enough.

But if multiple people are streaming HD video, holding various meetings, or playing online games at the same time, you may want to go for a higher speed. Depending on your location, you can also look into providers that offer speeds up to 1 Gig (1000 Mbps). It’s best to determine how much speed you need by assessing what type of activities you’ll be doing online most often.

Is Eastlink good for gaming?

The top-tier package of Eastlink is ideal for gaming that features a download speed of 940 megabits per second. With such high speed, you can play games and stream videos across multiple devices.

Why is my Internet slow even though I have a good router?

If your speed test shows you consistent results when connected to the router using a wired connection, your slower speed issues might be due to your Wi-Fi network. Singal interferences, physical obstructions, and outdated devices may be the reason for slow Wi-Fi.

How many Mbps is considered fast?

If your Internet has an upload speed of 20 Mbps and download speeds of 200 Mbps or higher, then it is considered fast Internet.

Is 50 Mbps fast enough for Netflix?

If you want to enjoy Netflix without any interruption, choose an Internet plan with at least 50 Mbps. This ensures that your connected devices can’t flip the table over slower Internet speeds while you watch money heist.

Which Canadian network is best?

Telus is the best Internet network in Canada, thanks to its fast connectivity, reliable service, and widespread coverage. The Bell and Rogers also provide the fastest connectivity, but all big three cover less than thirty percent of Canada’s geography.

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What is the fastest Internet in Canada?

According to reports, Telus provided the fastest Internet connection to Canadians, with a speed of 281 megabits per second between June 2021 and June 2022.

Who has the fastest home Internet in Canada?

The TelusPureFiber network is the high-speed home Internet in Canada with a blazing-fast download speed on its 1.5 Gigabit Internet plan.