Wateen Speed Test

Understanding of Wateen Internet Service Provider

Wateen is a communication service provider that set in motion the WiMAX network nationwide in 2005 and started running in 2007. It is equivalent to a Waird network, which restricts access to the internet, corporate solutions, telephony, and multimedia. Wateen ensures to provide sturdy internet speed and dependable packages to its customer.

If you are facing issues regarding your internet speed and chasing down the solution, Wateen speed test comes in handy. Wateen speed test is an online tool to measure your internet broadband speed. It checks what internet services you are getting in exchange for your money. Speed test wateen provides an unbiased and reliable speed check for testing your internet connection speed. This tool is an online utility for assessing internet speed as differences in packages, either in downloading and uploading speed or On-peak and Off-peak allowed data download, play their critical role in what you receive and what you pay for.

How to Direct Wateen Speed Test

Here is the basic guide to running this test only in a few steps.

  • Open your browser and type fastspeedcheck.us
  • Our server will automatically locate your area, which might take a while but rest assured, it won’t take long.
  • Before analysis of internet connection speed, response time is calculated.
  • Then, the download speed is determined, and the return rate is automatically calculated after the measurement.
  • Jitter is also calculated during the online process.
  • After getting information about network parameters, you can either repeat the test or share it with others.

Once you conduct the Wateen speed test, match it with actual data and seek customer services to fix your internet speed if you find any problem.

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Network Parameters

Delay time (ping)

Delay time is also called Ping. It is a period during which a data package reaches and returns to the remote server. Usually, the smaller the ping, the better the internet speed, and a customer will get satisfactory results.

Download speed

The amount of data downloaded for a specific period is known as downloading speed. It determines the time required to download a certain file and the quality of online videos.

Upload speed

Upload speed is the total amount of data sent in a certain time. This significantly influences the time required to send data of various sizes and emails with large attachments.


Jitter is measured in milliseconds. It is the total time required for data to reach its destination. One hundred milliseconds are considered ideal for data transmission.

Wateen Speed Test

Why is Wateen Speed Test Needed?

Wateen speed test should be performed as soon as you purchase services. It would be best to run this time 2-3 times for confirmation and comparison because multiple factors influence internet speed. From network congestion to the client device’s condition- a PC, smartphone, TV, tablet, smart TV- everything in between. Sometimes service providers also exacerbate maximum speed instead of actual internet speed. Some people replace their routers, considering that router as a cause of slow internet connection. But it is usually not true. To determine the actual connection speed, a Wateen speed test is required.

To know the accurate speed of your internet, you need to know about the use of this tool. It is pretty simple. See that ‘GO’ on top of the web page, click on that, and our tool will give you the most accurate and reliable speed result that your ISP is providing.

How to Improve Wateen Internet Speed?

Several factors affect the efficiency of your internet speed, including;

  • Heavy transmission cable
  • Exposed wiring
  • Engagement of multiple devices
  • Extreme weather conditions

Each factor can decrease the desired outcomes. Following are some recommendations to improve the internet speed.

  • Place router indoor
  • Keep the router near you or be in its zone
  • Clear cache regularly
  • Check for exposure regularly and use highly sealed copper wire
  • Download each file at a time

Steps To Take Prior Before Running the Test

You need to follow some steps before running this test, which will help you get a better and more accurate result.

  • Place the modem near you while you direct Wateen speed test
  • Disconnect the internet from other devices except from the one device that is in use
  • Disconnect VPN
  • Refresh router
  • Clear cache

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 Is wateen internet of high quality?

Wateen is ranked among the best internet network in Pakistan for its services and optimal outcomes. It pledges reliable, fast and splendid fibre-optic network services to its customers.

How do I check my Wateen online bill?

  • Log in to your mobile application or on a self-care web page.
  • Add your name and bill number
  • Bill will be displayed on the next screen
  • You can easily download or pay with your debit card, VISA, or MasterCard.


Wateen is one of the best Internet service providers in Pakistan. It provides its services elegantly and of the best quality. But sometimes, due to any reason, whether it concerns your location, your router, or your provider, your internet speed outcome disturbs you. This leads to buckets full of complaints towards ISP. Therefore, by conducting a Wateen speed test, one can inform by one’s internet speed and perform it efficiently at home. Make your router perform best, run a speed test, and gets the ultimate advantages from different Wateen’s offers and packages.