Starhub Speed Test

Starhub Speed Test

Starhub speed test is an online utility tool that determines and quantifies the stability of internet connection speed. The speed test measures your maximum internet connection at that specific time without any intrusion by any third party. The results of the Starhub speed test are neutral and independent.

Starhub Telecommunication Company is a leading telecom company in Singapore with world-class entertainment and communication services. The company is committed to providing its customers with a sustainable environment and facilities in an accountable manner. With its wireless and fiber frameworks and worldwide partnerships, Starhub brings every client the best internet service.

The speed test of Starhub is an effective method to measure your internet speed because sometimes you need to receive the promised services. There may be many reasons for slow internet connection speed. The speed test is a convenient method to get to the root of the cause. Test results will tell you about your current stable Starhub internet connection speed and its parameters, which further helps your debate with your ISP about the issue.

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How to Direct Starhub Speed Test

  • Open any web browser and search for; a page with ‘GO’ on top will appear on the screen.
  • Press ‘GO,’ and the speed test will get running.
  • After a few seconds, your results will displayed on the device’s screen.

The method of direct Starhub speed test is effortless. A predetermined algorithm activates with one click, and servers receive respective data. The score is calculated about your internet connection speed and its variable. When you receive your results, and there is more irregularity in them than usual, contact your ISP and resolve the issue you are facing.

NOTE: Repeat the steps mentioned at least 2 or 3 times to clear any chance of error.

Starhub Speed Test

Variables of Starhub Speed Test

Download speed

The rate at which any device can download a certain amount of data at a particular time is known as download speed. It defines the time required for data to get downloaded. It is measured in Mbps.

Upload speed

Upload speed is the total time of sent data to move back and forth between servers. It affects the data pile to get uploaded online. It is also measured in Mbps.


Delay time or latency is the data transfer rate from one server to another. It is measured in milliseconds. Usually, the lower ping value is considered a sign of good internet quality.


Jitter is the time interval data takes to reach its endpoint. It is also measured in milliseconds. Jitter can cause hindrances while playing online games, streaming videos, and audio by congestion and overcrowding.

Factors Influencing Internet Connection Speed

Multiple factors have an impact on internet quality in different ways. Distinguishing and recognizing these factors is a significant help. You can identify the cause of potential problems. Some of those factors are listed below,

  • Multiple devices connected to the internet at the same time
  • Exposed wiring
  • Broken or weak LAN signals
  • Cache build-up
  • The modem is near a heavy transmission cable
  • Extreme weather conditions

Remember that all those explained factors have different impacts on internet connection quality. By pinpointing the cause, you can find a solution with ease. Following are some ways to correct the respective cause:

  • Clear the cache regularly
  • Update the modem and router if not done recently
  • Check for exposed wiring
  • Refresh the modem for a minute or two
  • Place your router indoors
  • Use good quality, highly sealed copper wiring

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What is the average speed of Starhub?

Starhub users experience a speed of 65.9 Mbps.

How do I check my Starhub speed?

Search in any browser and press enter. Click on popping ‘GO,’ and the system will work automatically, and you will get your results in a few seconds.