Singtel Speed Test


Singtel Speed Test

Singtel speed test is an online tool for measuring the quantitative value of your current internet connection speed and its variables. The speed test is a reliable and productive means to get trustworthy results about the services you are receiving.

With the assistance of the Singtel speed test, you can check whether your internet speed is analogous to what you were promised at the time of subscription. The speed test also helps pinpoint the root cause of the problem causing your slow internet connection speed.

About Singtel Telecommunication Company

Singtel is one of the leading telecom groups in Asia. The company also has a presence in Africa and Australia; more than 740 million customers enjoy its services. The Singtel group aims to empower people to modernize better ways to connect, unlock new business opportunities, and thrive for achieving new possibilities. They offer customers a full range of integrated services, including mobile, broadband, and TV. Singtel provides enterprises with a wide range of workforce mobility options, cloud data hosting, network infrastructure, analytics, and cyber security capabilities. Singtel is committed to constant innovation as it designs a more sustainable, digital future, leveraging next-generation technology to develop fresh and engaging customer experiences.

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How to Conduct the Singtel Speed Test?

Following is a quick guide to conducting the Singtel speed test. It is an effortless process that takes only a few minutes to complete and present you with the desired results.

  • Search on any search engine on any device connected to Wi-Fi.
  • After hardly any seconds, our website will present you with a circle with ‘GO.’
  • All you need is to click ‘GO,’ and that is it.
  • The process automatically runs the predetermined algorithm, and internet speed and its parameters will calculated.

The steps mentioned above are all it takes to run the speed test of Singtel. It is best to run the speed test twice or thrice to get an average result. Repeating the speed test eliminates any errors.

Singtel Speed Test

Variables of Singtel Speed Test

Download speed

Download speed tells us how much time data needs to get downloaded from the internet. It is measured in Mbps. Download speed is far more critical because people tend to download more data than upload.

Upload speed

Upload speed tells us how much time data needs to get uploaded online from your device. It is also measured in Mbps. Upload speed influences the time it takes to send enormous attachments and videos.


Latency is the data travel time between each server and the other receiving server. The latency value should be as small as possible because it indicates good Internet quality. It is measured in milliseconds.


It is also calculated in milliseconds and should be less than 30 milliseconds. Jitter is data travel time from one remote server to its end destination. It is an irregular delay in time and cause hindrance while streaming online.

Steps to Remember Before Conducting a Speed Test

Your location and time of the day significantly impact your speed test results. Many other variables can play a primary role in developing errors in results. Remember to check the following notes. It helps reduce the chance of error and makes your test results accurate.

  • Check that your device is connected to the Wi-Fi internet
  • Cut off Wi-Fi connection to all other devices except the one in use
  • Clear the cache before running the test
  • Place your modem near you
  • Use of Ethernet cable
  • Disconnect VPN
  • Refresh your modem for a minute

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What is the highest internet speed?

The fastest and highest internet speed is usually around 1Gbps, which equals 1000 Mbps.

What is a good internet speed?

At least 100 Mbps is considered a good internet download speed, and 10 Mbps is a good upload speed.