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The Shentel Speed Test – A Comprehensive Guide

With the popularity of high-end games and Netflix streaming, Shentel internet has become the number one choice for high-speed internet connection. It is because of its affordable pricing and high-speed coverage to urban and rural areas. Its high-speed internet connection positively impacts the downloading, streaming, and browsing experience. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Shentel Speed Test.

What Is The Shentel Speed Test?

Shentel is an Us-based Telecom Company that operates digital and wireless networks. It is one of the best service providers known for its high-speed and affordable internet connection. The Shentel Speed Test is a free service provided by Shentel Communications that allows users to check the speed and reliability of their internet connection in real-time. The final results of the shentel speed test will uncover upload speed, download speed, latency, jitter, country name, and Internet service provider name.

What to do before running the Shentel speed test?

Do the following steps before running the Shentel speed test:

  1. Close all programs from your device that require an internet connection. If you perform a speed test while any program from your device is using the internet, it will skew the speed test results.
  2. Before attempting to perform a speed test, it is recommended to directly connect your computer to the cable modem and remember to bypass the router on your network. This way, you will get an accurate picture of your internet connection’s performance.
  3. For accurate results, run a variety of speed tests, i.e., the closest site to your home and larger American cities like Los Angeles, Washington, New York, etc.

Don’t use older computers if you want to achieve the speeds listed in your Internet broadband plan. Older computers’ processors may not be able to keep up with the speeds. Or your computer may have a network card with 10MB pci. For more accurate test results, use the most modern computer to perform the speed test.

How to perform the Shentel Speed Test? 

Performing the shentel speed test is so simple. With this speed test, you can quickly test your broadband connection parameters to know whether slow internet is due to its connection issue or your device’s problem.

All you need to do is hit the ‘start’ button and wait for a few minutes to see your Internet upload and download speed.

Both download and upload speeds are measured in megabits per second (Mbps). The higher the number of Mbps, the faster your connection will be. It also displays a graph of your network performance over time, which can help identify any issues with your connection speed or latency.

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What Should I Expect from My Results after running Speed test?

It’s important to note that while most Internet service providers advertise download speeds of up to 25 Mbps, actual speeds may vary depending on location and other factors, such as distance from the nearest server or the number of devices connected at once on a home network. Actual results may differ from advertised speeds; however, they still indicate whether or not your current speed is sufficient for your web-browsing needs, like streaming video content or playing online games.

Shentel Speed Test


How does the Shentel Speed Test work?

The main purpose of the shentel speed test is to check Internet speed. When the user clicks the ‘start’ button, it will connect to the internet-connected server nearest to the user’s location, as numerous servers are present for the speed test around the globe.

What Factors Affect Internet Speed?

Several factors may affect your Internet speed, including how many devices are connected at once, latency, age of your computer, and distance from your router. If you are using a wireless connection, then weather conditions may also affect the internet speed. Signals get weaker due to rains and heavy storms or even too much heat. Similarly, the wired connection also gets affected by extreme weather in some circumstances, such as a loose connection between your home and base station or if the cable is damaged.

Why is the internet speed different on computers, tablets, and phones?

This test measures the network connection speed at a specific time. The variation could be the result of network congestion and bandwidth.

How fast is Shentel’s Internet speed?

As shentel communication operates in West Virginia, Marland, Pennsylvania, and rural Virginia, so speeds will vary by location. It is capable of delivering up to 1Gbps download speeds. However, its upload speeds will not be the same as its download speeds as it uses a cable network. The fastest upload speed of Shentel is up to 10Mbps in most locations.

Why is my shentel internet speed slower?

Your Shentel Internet speed might be slower due to router location or an outdated router. The easy fix for your connection is restarting your router and computer or upgrading to a mesh network.