Optimum Speed Test


Optimum Speed Test Review

Optimum is the subsidiary of Altice USA that connects people and companies with telephone, high-speed internet, and video services. Optimum provides an internet speed of 200Mbps to 300 Mbps. You can perform an optimum speed test to determine which data is sent to the device. Results are usually lower than the planned speeds due to device limitations and Wi-Fi circumstances. In this optimum speed test review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this speed test.

What is the optimum speed test?

Optimum is a renowned internet service provider that is owned by Altice internet service provider. It is known for its high-speed internet connection that lets users enjoy a high-speed and reliable network so that they can play games, work, or stream Netflix on their devices without buffering. With optimum, you can also download large documents within a second. Play, stream and upload with multiple devices, thanks to its robust Wi-Fi strength. It doesn’t offer a simple internet plan for its users.

For example, it provides different internet plans for network users and broadband users. If you are a network user who usually plays games or streams movies, have a different internet plan from those who only send emails using broadband services. However, one common thing that both internet and broadband user gets is reliable and high-speed internet.

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What to do before Optimum Speed Testing

Before running an optimum speed test, you need to make sure all internet-connected devices or gadgets like Xbox, Smart TV, and iPad are switched off; if you keep using other devices when testing your internet speed, the results’ accuracy may be impacted.

Rather than connecting your computer to your router, connect your computer to your modem to get the best test results. Also, upgrade to new versions of the Mac operating system or Windows because your test results may be affected if you use earlier versions of the operating system.

Optimum recommends that users use a network cable to directly connect the computer to the modem or any other internet source like Fiber ONT, gateway, etc., to get the most accurate results. They suggest this because when you use a network cable to connect your computer, it deters the router and modem from negatively impacting the results.

How to check internet speed with an optimum speed test?

Since the router and Wi-Fi might need to be speedy to deliver the full Internet speed, so it is best to conduct this test at the modem. This test will tell you how fast your internet speed is. To check your internet speed with the optimum speed test, simply hit the ‘go’ button to start the test. You can check upload, download, jitter, and ping speed by performing an optimum speed test.

Optimum Speed Test

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What Optimum Speed Test Does?

Optimum is the most used broadband connection powered by ookla, which delivers reliable testing results. It automatically picks a server closest to your location to perform a speed test, avoiding bottlenecks and latency that distort performance measurements. To improve accuracy, run your speed test from a device directly connected to the router or gateway modem. This will help you give a more realistic picture of the performance of your optimum internet connection.

What is the ideal speed to play games, video call on Skype, stream Netflix, etc.?

If you get an Internet speed of 25 Mbps while streaming Netflix, video chatting on Skype, playing games, streaming YouTube videos, or doing any other online activity, you can enjoy these activities without buffering.

Why is my Optimum internet speed slower?

If your Internet speed is slower than advertised speeds, it can be due to several reasons. Heavy use of the local network and faulty and outdated equipment can cause slowdowns while you run the test. It might be possible your Internet service provider faces some issues during the speed test. This could be due to a traffic jam between the test server and the user.

What is an ideal download speed?

When it comes to ideal download speed, it is between 5 and 10 Mbps. However, it depends on the online activities you perform on your broadband connection. For instance, social media surfing requires social media while the same speed will not work to load software for work. Such activities need large bandwidth, so they need a high-speed internet connection.

How does Optimum Speed Test work?

First, this speed test detects your optimum connection, chooses the closest speed test server, and then performs some steps. To perform the optimum speed test, you need to press the ‘go’ button. Once you press this button, the speed test server sends data packets to your device. It evaluates upload speed, ping or latency, and download speed between the test server and your device. The time it takes the data packets to go back from the test server determines the optimum internet connection.