Sahara Net Speed Test

Sahara Speed Test

Sahara speed test concludes the quantitative values of your current stable internet connection speed provided by your Sahara internet service providers. If there is any problem while browsing, downloading videos, or playing games, there might be an issue on either the ISP or user end. The speed test of Sahara clarifies and simplifies the problem without any interference from third parties. Sahara speed test will measure your connection speed with many other factors, including upload speed, download speed, network jitter, and ping. This helps in determining the root cause of your problem.

Sahara Communication Company started back in 1994 and is one of the best carrier-neutral service providers in Saudi Arabia. It was launched for international ICT companies to access the Saudi market. In terms of customer base, Sahara is the largest cloud service provider.

The speed test of Sahara is the best tool to access internet speed as differences in location or packages, either in downloading and uploading speed or on-peak and off-peak allowed data download, play their critical role in what you receive and what you pay for. The Sahara speed test is an independent and unbiased tool to determine the outcome of services by your ISP.

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Working on Sahara Speed Test

Sahara speed test is intended with a specified and precise algorithm to access your current location by collecting information from your nearby remote server. Data packets are transferred back and forth to collect the required information, and after a while, the desired result will be displayed on the screen. Results include internet connection speed and its parameters.

  • Upload speed: a certain speed at which data travels from your device to another source. It is measured in Mbps. Upload speed can determine how fast data can be sent from a device.
  • Download speed: the speed at which your computer collects data packets in seconds. It is also measured in Mbps. Download speed hinges on the speed that in-use devices salvage.
  • Network jitter: measured in milliseconds, it is the total time data packets needed to reach the endpoints. Jitter can cause hindrances in streaming audio, videos, movies, and online games.
  • Ping: The lower the ping value, the better the internet connection. It is also measured in milliseconds. Ping is a period at which data moves in between the remote servers.

How to Run the Sahara Internet Speed Test

Running the speed test of Sahara is an undemanding and effortless process. With a simple guide, you can run the test and get access to the root cause of the problem.

Open your search engine, type, and click enter. Once you have done this, ‘GO’ will appear on the page. All you need to do is to click it. After a click, our server will automatically locate your area and analyze response time, download time, and all other factors.

The result will be generated in seconds and displayed on the screen. You should run the test 2-3 times and get the average value. This helps in decreasing the chances of error.

If your result is against your satisfaction and you are not getting what you are paid for, you can immediately contact your ISP and discuss your issue with them. For this purpose, the Sahara speed test is handy to prove your issue, and then you can troubleshoot your problem.

Sahara Speed Test

Reasons for Slow Internet Connection

  • Broken or weak LAN wire
  • Weak wireless LAN signals
  • Use of multiple devices at a time
  • Extreme weather condition
  • Heavy transmission cable
  • Exposed copper wiring
  • Too much load on a server
  • Active VPN connection
  • Your device settings

All these factors can interfere with the desired internet speed. So, ruling out these elements can improve your internet connection.

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What is a good score for an internet speed test?

If the result of the running speed test is 80% or more than that, it is considered a good score for an internet speed test.

What is the ping in my internet connection speed test result report?

Ping is the period taken by data to transverse through devices. It is measured in milliseconds, and a lower ping value indicates good internet connection speed.

Why is my internet slow?

Go to and run the speed test to check your internet connection speed, and then contact your ISP regarding your problem and reboot your internet connection.