Etisalat Speed Test

What is Etisalat Speed Test?

The Etisalat speed test tool is a quantitative measure of the Etisalat internet speed test. It uses a definite algorithm to determine internet connection speed and parameters.

Etisalat is the leading telecommunication corporation and one of the largest internet service providers in the Middle East and Africa. Etisalat has its head office in Abu Dhabi, UAE, which covers over 12 million customers. Etisalat stands in the number one position regarding the quality of its internet connection services and state-of-art technology service. To summarise, Etisalat is currently satisfying its customers with the best internet connection.

Using this speed test tool of Etisalat, you can run a test with one click, which tells you about your internet connection speed, download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter.

How to run The Etisalat speed test tool?

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to running the speed test of Etisalat;

  • Open your search engine and click on the search engine.
  • Search for; a circle with ‘GO’ written in it will appear on the screen.
  • Click the circle.
  • This will run the Etisalat speed test tool.
  • Our website will automatically start working according to a predetermined algorithm.
  • Your result will be displayed on the screen after a while.
  • You will get numeric values about the internet speed test, upload speed, ping, and jitter.

Any device or gadget can use to run the Etisalat speed test tool, conducted on a desktop, laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc. The speed test of Etisalat starts instantly with the click on “GO.”

How does The Etisalat speed test tool work?

The speed test of the Etisalat tool works on a predetermined designed algorithm, which starts working once you click on the ‘GO’. The speed test collects your location data from the server and determines internet connection speed. Upload speed is calculated by data packets sent at that time from the server to which a device is connected. After determining the upload speed, the download speed is measured. In this stepwise manner, all the parameters and internet connection speed can be calculated.

Etisalat speed test tool gives you accurate results about your internet speed. If you find any deviation in the result from the average, you can contact your internet service provider and discuss your issue with them.

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What does The Etisalat speed test measure?

Etisalat speed test estimates your current internet speed provided by your internet service provider, gaining from leading internet services distributed worldwide. The following parameters are also determined alongside internet connection quality by

Upload speed

Upload speed is the total amount of data that can be sent in a certain time. It is measured in Mbps, which significantly influences the time required to send data in different packets and sizes, emails with enormous attachments, and videos.

 Download speed

The download speed is also measured in Mbps by determining the bulk of data received. Download speed is the rate at which any device receives information in one second. It affects the quality of audio, videos, and online games and the speed of downloading different numbers and sizes of files from the internet.


Also called a latency period. Ping is the time required by data to reach and return to a remote server. It determines the average time to transfer packets of data at a certain time to the fixed server. The ping should be as small as possible. The smaller the value of ping, the better the internet connection quality. It is measured in milliseconds.

Network Jitter

Jitter is the total time needed for data to transfer and travel from one place to another. Data is transferred from the device and the server. Jitter sometimes causes hindrances in streaming videos, audio, and online games. It is an irregular delay in time measured in milliseconds, and it should be below 30 seconds.

Etisalat Speed Test

Why do you need to run an Etisalat speed test?

Internet service provider promises their customers to provide particular internet connection and speed services depending on the package subscription. But sometimes, for any reason, the customer is not getting the result he is paying for. The low and slow speed of internet connection can be either because of individual factors or ISP factors. The Etisalat speed test tool comes in handy to rule out the problem.

By running the speed test of Etisalat, one can rule out the cause of the problem and then contact the respective ISP customer services to reboot one’s internet connection speed. The speed test gives reliable and valid results regarding your internet connection speed, and you can use this result as proof to discuss your issues with the internet service provider.

Why does our website mainly focus on Download Speed

Download speed is much required and relevant for people getting content like videos, audio, movies, etc., on the internet. So, it is primarily focused depend on need and demand.

How to improve Etisalat internet speed?

There are many factors affecting the quality and efficiency of internet connection, including;

  • Exposed copper wiring
  • Extreme weather condition
  • Broken or weak LAN wire
  • Weak wireless LAN signals
  • Heavy transmission cable
  • Using multiple devices at the same time

All of these factors affect internet speed and have a negative impact on the desired result. Enlist some recommendations which can help to improve internet connection speed.

  • Download each file at a time.
  • Clear cache regularly
  • Place the router indoor
  • Check for exposed wiring
  • Use highly sealed copper wiring
  • Keep the router where you are in its zone

Guidelines before running the Etisalat speed test

For more accurate and better results, some guidelines might help before the speed test of Etisalat. These are;

  • Disconnect every other device from the internet except the test device.
  • Disconnect VPN
  • Clear cache
  • Refresh the router by cutting its power for 60 seconds
  • Place the modem near you
  • Use an Ethernet cable


How do I check my Etisalat internet speed?

Disconnect all your devices from the Wi-Fi router except the one in use. Open your search engine and type, and click ‘GO’. The result of your internet connection speed will be displayed on the screen after some seconds.

How do I know my internet speed?

There are two methods to determine your internet connection speed.

  • Install the speed test application on your mobile and run the test.
  • Connect your PC/desktop/laptop to your modem or router using an Ethernet cable and visit and click ‘GO’.

Is 10mbps fast?

10 Mbps internet is good and fast if your internet service provider is reliable. If you want to stream online videos or online games, you can watch and play without any slow streaming.

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Checking your internet connection speed regularly with the Etisalat speed test tool will cause the least amount of problems you face with your internet speed. The speed test is easy, accurate, and reproducible; you can perform it as often. So, why bother with a slow internet connection speed when you can check and troubleshoot the problem with one click?