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About DU internet speed test

DU speed test is a tool that measures the quantitative value of your current stable DU internet connection speed.

DU is the commercially branded name of Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company (EITC). It is one of the primary internet service providers in the UAE. The area of focus of EITC is telecommunication, advertisement, technology, and media. DU proposed internet, digital television, fixed line and mobile telephony, and many other services all over the UAE.

To check the reliability, performance, efficiency, and internet speed of DU broadband, the DU internet speed test tool comes in handy. DU’s speed test determines and calculates your internet connection speed and parameters numerically.

How to run a DU internet speed test?

DU internet speed test is easy to run and accurate in results. It is an undemanding and effortless process. A single click will run the test and provide you with your desired result quantitatively within seconds. The following is a simple and quick guide on how to run the DU internet speed test;

  • Open your browser.
  • Click on the search bar and type fastspeedcheck.us, and press enter.
  • A circle with ‘GO’ will appear on the screen.
  • Click on ‘GO’.
  • With that click, our website will automatically run the algorithm and locate your area.
  • This might take a while but rest assured, the process won’t take long.
  • Response time is calculated first before calculating internet connection speed.
  • After response time is calculated, download speed and other parameters, including ping and jitter, are determined.
  • The network jitter is also calculated during the online procedure.
  • The result will get displayed on your screen about internet speed and all other factors.
  • After getting a result, you can run the test again to get multiple values, determine the mean value, or share it with others.
  • If the result is below the average and you are not getting the internet connection speed you were promised, you can contact your internet service provider and reboot your internet.

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How does the DU internet speed test tool work?

The focal principle of measuring the DU internet speed is to connect your test device to the remote server. Once you click on the ‘GO’ visible on top of the page, our website automatically connects your test device with a remote server and locates your area of connection. The upload speed is measured when the information about your location is set by locating your nearest server. Upload speed is determined by sending random bytes of data to the remote server. Once the upload speed is calculated, all other parameters are measured one by one.

In the end, the result will be generated and displayed on your screen. The result depends on the following values,

  • Internet connection speed
  • Upload speed
  • Download speed
  • Latency or Ping
  • Network jitter

DU internet speed test should be performed 2-3 times to get the mean value or average result because multiple factors affect the test’s performance and cause a negative slope in the desired result.

What does the DU internet speed test measure?

DU speed test determines your current stable internet connection speed provided by your internet service provider from leading internet services distributed worldwide. Following are some factors that are calculated along with internet speed, and these parameters determine the current and stable internet connection speed rather than the top connection speed.

Upload speed

It is the rate at which data is transferred from one device to another source. Upload speed determines how fast data packets can travel across devices and is calculated in Mbps.

Download speed

Download speed is the speed at which a computer receives data per second. It is also measured in Mbps and is subject to the test device’s speed.


It is measured in milliseconds. Jitter is the total time required for data bundles to reach their endpoint and destination. It can cause congestion which can cause hindrances in streaming videos, audio, movies, and online games. The value of the jitter should be below 30 ms.


Ping is also called latency. Parallel to jitter, it is also measured in milliseconds. A time when a data packet travels across a remote server is known as ping. An internet connection is best if the ping value is between 40-60 ms. The smaller the ping’s value, the better the internet connection speed.

Du Speed Test

Why Should Internet Speed Be Checked Regularly?

It is essential to check your internet connection speed regularly. Since this era is getting advanced by the internet, speedy internet is necessary to do almost every task in our life. The global village needs high-quality internet to work smoothly and properly.

If there is a slow internet connection speed, it causes many fluctuations in our daily life. From studying to connecting with someone living far away from us, we all demand high internet speed. Therefore, rechecking and reassuring about your internet speed is essential so you can confirm and satisfy with the packages you subscribed to and get what you are paying for.

For this purpose, the DU internet speed test tool comes in handy. You will get accurate DU Internet connection speed measurements with one click.

Reasons for slow internet connection and its solution

Multiple factors are there that either directly or indirectly effects the DU internet speed. These can be physical on the user end, or the problem can be at the end of the ISP. Following are some reasons for slow internet connections:

  • Exposed copper wiring
  • Weak wireless LAN signals
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Your device settings
  • Use of multiple devices at a time
  • Heavy transmission cables
  • Broken or weak LAN wire
  • Active VPN connection

Any factor described above can cause slow internet performance and speed. Sometimes you are not getting the internet connection speed as ISP promised you during the subscription of packages. Let’s discuss some practical ways that might improve internet performance and speed. If, in the end, there are still fluctuations in desired internet speed, you can contact your internet service provider and discuss your issue.

  • Place your router inside.
  • Be in the range of your modem. The more the distance between your device and modem, slow will be the internet speed.
  • Reduce the burden on your router by decreasing the number of connected devices.
  • Reboot your router and modem timely and regular.
  • Use a highly sealed copper wire.
  • Check regularly for exposed wiring.
  • Download each file or document at a time.
  • Update your modem or router if required.
  • Clear your cache regularly.

Benefits of DU speed test

DU internet speed test helps us in many ways.

  • Measures upload and download speed with its ping.
  • It can run on any device without affecting the results.
  • A Wi-Fi speed test analyzer is used to test the internet speed of your Wi-Fi internet.
  • It keeps a record and history of all the tests for connections and their measurements.

Guidelines before running the DU speed test

To get a mean and average value of your results, you must run the DU speed test 2-3 times. Running the test multiple times reduces the chance of error. Here is a quick guide before running and performing the DU internet test.

  • Disconnect the other devices except for the test device.
  • Disconnect all VPNs.
  • Running tests at different times of the day.
  • Using an Ethernet cable.
  • Refresh the router, cut its power for at least 60 seconds, and then repower it.
  • Clear the cache before performing a test.


What is the internet speed of DU?

DU offers Real Home Broadband 100Mbps. It is a primary service provider in UAE, providing 100 Mbps.

How do I check my Wi-Fi speed?

The simple and easiest way of checking your Wi-Fi speed at home is either by free web app or at www.fastspeedcheck.us by clicking on ‘GO’.

Is DU 5g fast?

The peak speed of the internet of DU is up to 10 Gbps and is a greater network capacity and capability.

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DU speed test helps to analyze the internet connection speed and maintain a record after regular checkups and testing. It is a simple and useful tool and can help as proof to reboot your internet connection.