Telstra Speed Test

Telstra Speed Test Review

Based in Australia, Telstra Group Limited is a large-scale telecommunications company. It is known to provide services such as pay television, mobile network, and internet access which is one of the best services. Telstra provides internet access on an industrial level and has several impressive, reliable services for individual consumers, such as 4GX and 5G internet. As a result, it’s not surprising that for anyone living in Australia, Telstra is a no-brainer when it comes to ISPs. However, no matter how reliable your internet is, you always want to make sure it’s up to the mark using an internet speed test. Continue reading below to find out more about the Telstra speed test.

What is Telstra?

As mentioned earlier, Telstra is a telecommunications company that has a history in Australia as one of the largest telecommunication giants in the industry. However, being a large-scale company, Telstra has expanded to other countries as well, such as Japan, India, China, and European countries.

Telstra provides numerous services in the telecommunications sector. These services range from entertainment and content networks to internet access for all kinds of devices on all sorts of levels. For instance, Telstra offers wholesale, cable, retail, ADSL, and even satellite internet to its customers.

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Telstra speed internet plan

Telstra offers several internet plans to fulfill the requirements of all sorts of people. Whether you’re a single user and looking for a reliable internet connection or someone with a large family, Telstra has got the right plan for you. Read the plans below to get an idea about the offers.

Telstra basic

Being a basic plan, the Telstra basic is the cheapest offer available. It costs $80 per month and provides a 25mbps download along with a 4mbps upload speed on average. This will allow you to easily browse the internet and stream videos of standard quality. This package is a good deal for users up to three.

Telstra essential

The Telstra essential plan is an upgrade over the basic package. It costs $90 per month for the first six months and then $95 in the following months. The download speeds are as high as 50mbps, and the upload speed is 17mbps. This internet plan can handle anything from intense online gaming to working from home and streaming videos in high definition. However, it’s a good plan for those with users up to four.

Telstra premium

If the Telstra essential is not good enough for you, the Telstra premium might be the perfect choice for you. The premium package costs $95 for the first six months and $110 for those that follow. However, the price is well worth it, as the download speed is as high as 100mbps. The upload speed is decent as well, 17mbps. This internet plan is perfect for those with up to six users who often download large files, connect several devices, and stream videos in UHD.

Telstra ultimate

However, you can always take things to the next level with Telstra ultimate, which is the most high-end plan offered by Telstra. This plan costs $125 for the first six months and $140 in the following months. While the price can be considered to be high, the plan lives up to its name due to ultra-fast download speeds of 250mbps. The upload speed is as high as 22mbps. The Telstra ultimate plan is ideal for those with several users. You can easily stream ultra-quality videos and games without any lag and do your work at lightning-fast speeds all at the same time.

How to run the Telstra speed test?

If you want to check your Telstra internet connection’s speed, it’s essential to know how to use the Telstra speed test. It will allow you to gain access to important metrics about your internet connection, such as the download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter. Such metrics can enable you to troubleshoot the connection if you are facing issues. Here are some steps required to run the Telstra speed test.

  • First off, go over to any search engine and type in the name of the speed test.
  • Click on the Telstra speed test’s official website and simply click on the “Go” button to start the speed test.
  • At the end of the speed test, the website will automatically display the results for you to read.

Telstra Speed Test


What is the download speed of a Telstra internet connection?

Telstra internet connection speeds can range anywhere from 25mbps to 250mbps and even higher in some cases. Your Telstra internet connection speed depends on the plan you choose to pay for. The basic package provides the slowest download speeds, while the ultimate package provides download speeds of 250mbps.

What is the upload speed of a Telstra internet connection?

The upload speed of Telstra’s internet connection also varies according to the internet plan you are paying for. The basic package provides minimal speed, while the ultimate package provides upload speeds of 22mbps.

Why is my Telstra internet connection slow?

This issue can be due to a variety of problems. For instance, several users can use the connection, therefore sharing the bandwidth and reducing the speed. It can also be slow due to poor connection or back-end technical problems.

How reliable are internet speed tests?

Internet speed tests work using test data packets which are used to measure the speed of your connection in real-time. So, it’s safe to say internet speed tests are quite reliable.

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How to troubleshoot using internet speed tests?

To find problems with your connection, check the metric provided by the speed test. Understand what each metric represents, and you may be able to find the issue. For example, knowing that the ping represents latency, you will know that the issue is most likely due to a back-end fault, the quality of the cable, or the connection method.