Verizon Speed Test

What is the Verizon speed test tool?

Verizon speed test is an online means to determine what services Verizon Internet Service Providers are providing. Is it enough regarding what you are paying for, or the provided services are less than what you deserve? If you need to know the primary figure of ‘why’ of a slow internet connection or pinpoint the root cause of your internet stability, the speed test tool is all you need.

About Verizon Telecom Company

Verizon, based in the United States and headquartered in New York City, is a Telecommunication Company founded in 2000. Verizon is one of the most extensive entertainment, information, technology, and communication hubs that help people live, interact, and organize. It provides 5G and LTE home internet services, FiOS internet with unlimited plans. Verizon is making the globe a better communication pivot with all these services. Its customers are satisfied and exploring new opportunities with a new day.

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Understanding speed test report

Sometimes, there may be an issue, and you cannot get promised services. The speed test tool comes in handy to determine the actual cause of the problem and get the solution accordingly. The report of the speed test has quantitative values about your current internet stable speed, download and upload speed, latency, and network jitter.

  • Download speed is the data time to download a certain amount of data from the internet to your device, measuring in Mbps.
  • Upload speed is data time to upload a specific amount of data from your device to the internet, measuring in Mbps.
  • Latency, measured in milliseconds, gives the value of data time travel from one server to another and its back-and-forth movement.
  • Jitter can cause hindrances in streaming videos and online games by congestion. So it should be at most 30 milliseconds. It is the data time travel value to reach its endpoint.

Verizon Speed Test

How to Direct the Verizon Speed Test?

A speed test is a fast-processing tool that is free of cost. It is an effortless process; you only need to connect your device to Wi-Fi internet and ensure no background app is running on your device. Here is a quick guide to running the Verizon speed test.

Open your search engine, search for, and this will open the test tool page. Press the ‘GO’ button popping on your device’s screen. Please wait for a while till the system runs and completes its process. Required information regarding your location and time gets collected and interpreted data to generate the result report about your internet status.

NOTE: Repeat the test 2 to 3 times for a more authentic result. Once you receive your report, you can contact your ISP if you are unsatisfied with your services. Reboot your internet connection and get your promised benefits.

Reasons for Slow Internet Connection

Multiple factors affect your internet status and result in slow internet connection speed. Some of the included physical factors are;

  • Expose wiring
  • Broken or weak LAN signals
  • Broken or weak LAN wire
  • Heavy transmission cables nearby
  • Your device’s settings
  • Several device connections to the modem at a time
  • Old-fashioned router
  • Placement of the router in the corner

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How fast is Verizon’s internet speed?

Verizon offers multiple high-quality internet plans, including fiber internet plans that range from 300 to 2,048 Mbps speed.

Which one is better, fiber or DSL?

Fibre is the finest type of internet service because of its high speed and reliability, with a maximum speed of 1,000 Mbps. But DSL reaches a top speed of 100 Mbps.