Sonic Speed Test

All you need to know about Sonic Speed Test

Sonic is a fiber Internet service provider that offers the fastest speed internet with no data limits. If you are experiencing slow internet speed, the sonic speed test can allow you to check how fast your connection actually is compared to what was advertised by the provider. This test is free of cost and shows impartial test results. Let’s take a closer look at Sonic Speed Test and how to perform it.

What is a sonic speed test?

Sonic is an American ISP that operates specifically in the Bay area of California. Compared to AT & T, it is a smaller Internet provider, which is widely regarded as the best broadband connection due to its ultra-high fiber speeds and local customer service in the surrounding communities in the Bay area and San Francisco.

Its download speed is up to 20 Mbps, and its plans come with no data caps, which means customers can use as much data as needed while enjoying fast Internet speed. Internet speed test tools like allows users to determine whether it offers them the ideal speed or not.

What is Sonic Internet’s top download speed?

The top download speed of Sonic Internet connection is up to 20 Mbps which is very slow. Many other fiber internet service providers offer over 20 Mbps as their bottom speed, and their top download speed is up to 1 Gbps.

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What to do before performing the Sonic Internet speed test?

If you are experiencing slow internet speeds, you may want to run an internet speed test. But before you do, there are some steps you can take to ensure that the results accurately reflect your current internet performance. Follow the below steps before performing the Sonic speed test:

  • Switch off all Internet-connected Devices 

Before running an internet speed test, make sure to switch off all devices that could be using up your bandwidth. This includes phones, tablets, gaming consoles, or computers in your home network. If one of these devices is actively downloading or streaming content while you are testing your internet speeds, it will significantly impact the accuracy of your results.

  • Close All Apps and Programs 

In addition to switching off all devices, make sure to close all applications and programs that could be using up your bandwidth. This includes streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, video chat applications like Skype and Facetime, music streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud, and online gaming sites like MSN games and Addicting Games.

  • Use a Wired Connection 

Wireless connections tend to be slower than wired connections since they rely on radio frequencies instead of cables for data transmission. For this reason, it is always best to use a wired connection to connect your device to a cable modem when testing your internet speeds—especially if you have both options! Doing so will give you much more accurate results than if the test was done over Wi-Fi alone.

How to check Sonic’s Internet speed?

Running Sonic Internet speed requires a couple of seconds. You can start your speed test by tapping on the ‘start or Go’ button. Now, wait for the results, which should be displayed within 30 seconds in Mbps (megabits per second). It should be noted that, like all internet-based speed tests, there may be some speed discrepancies due to factors such as network congestion or server load times. So don’t be worried if the results differ slightly from what you expected.

Sonic Speed Test


Why is the download speed more than the upload speed?

Internet service providers typically prioritize download speeds over upload speeds, as the download speed is needed for streaming and browsing. However, work-from-homers and content creators usually need to upload large files that require good upload speeds.

I play online games. What should be the ideal ping?

The good latency rate impacts your performance when you play an online game. If your internet connection has not had an ideal ping, you may be defeated by your opponent. The ping or latency is high if it happens to you more often. The latency should be between 0 and 59 milliseconds to win the game. It should be between 60-129 milliseconds during the game.

Why is my Internet speed test not working?

You may experience this issue when many users in your area attempt to connect to Sonic at the same time. If your Internet speed test is not working, network congestion may be the reason. So try to perform the test outside of peak hours.

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Does Sonic have good internet?

The average speed of Sonic is 1Gb Mbps, making it one of the fastest ISP in the USA. If you use its fiber-optic network, you can expect the potential for speeds of 10 Gbps. These speeds are more than enough for large households. Its upload and download speed is the same as it is a fiber-optic Internet connection, making it a great option for apps that require fast uploads like gaming and video conferring.

Why is Sonic slow?

Many factors can affect its speed, such as slower and older computers, the old version of browsers, and the use of various high-bandwidth apps may be responsible for slowing your connection. To restore full connectivity, rebooting can help.