PTCL Speed Test

What is PTCL?

As old as Pakistan, so is the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, PTCL. With time, from telephone and telegraph to the most comprehensive integrated information communication technology ICT Company, PTCL has become the foundation and cornerstone of Pakistan’s telecommunication technology. It has been playing its part in advancement since 1947. It oversees Pakistan’s most extensive fixed-line and fibre-optic network and provides enterprise-class corporate connection solutions nationwide. PTCL offers the best internet and telecom service in Pakistan. The company works on maximizing its customer care network and services periodically and is devoted to developing a thriving and technologically connected Pakistan.

PTCL Speed Test

Speed test ptcl is generally a tool that allows you to assess the speed of your internet connection. Internet speed testing is a process for determining the transmission rate per second of your internet connection. Any gadget can be used to run a speed test. By connecting your computer or any device to your server, the data rate can be measured. The data rate is calculated by locating the nearest server to your location and sending internet data between your computer and server. Internet speed is this speed data that is traveling across.

PTCL speed test is an aid that tells both the quality and quantity of your internet speed. It is proficient in finding whether you are getting the speed you require or not. It detects the actual internet speed and the granted one. Analysis regarding download speed, ping rate, and upload speed also make this test reliable. This tool also tells us about the Mbps used while downloading and uploading. PTCL speed test also sorts out the queries about internet packages and informs if any upgrade is needed.

How to Run PTCL Speed Test?

Any appliance can run the speed test ptcl. Millions of people use the internet, and having slow browsing speed is a common problem. But to check whether your internet connection is working properly, you need a speed test. This is where you are one click away from detecting any issue regarding your connection.

Do you see “GO” written in a circle? You need to click “GO” to run a broadband speed test. Rest it up to our tool. It will provide you with the following information.

  • Your download speed
  • Your upload speed

Factors to take into account before running a live speed test

  1. Disconnect all other devices from the internet.
  2. Ensure that you use our Speed Test tool since it provides reliable results.

Why do you need to check your PTCL Connection Speed?

Sometimes internet service providers claim to provide the transfer rate according to how much you pay. But this is only true some of the time. So, it is important to check your connection speed in a while. Many tools offer you to review, but ours is free of cost, simple, reliable, and reproducible.

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PTCL Services

PTCL broadband contributes to serving the nation in many ways.

  • Unlimited downloading and browsing
  • Connection speed ranges from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps.
  • Smart TV.
  • Cost-friendly Internet packages.
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Available nationwide.
  • The layout of the Wi-Fi router.
  • Accessible payment methods.

PTCL Speed Test


How To Change The Ptcl Wifi Password?

Follow the following steps to hands-down change the password;

  • Click on your web browser, search 168.10.1 or in the search bar, and press enter.
  • Enter the username and password.
  • Type Admin in both bars; username and password.
  • Click on wireless.
  • Then click on security.
  • Search for WAPI or WPA Passphrase Bar option.
  • Click the bar and reset the password of your desire.
  • Apply it by clicking Apply option.
  • Your PTCL Wi-Fi password has been changed now.

How Can I Check My Ptcl Internet Speed?

  • Disconnect all other gadgets connected to the internet besides the one you use to check the speed.
  • Open the PTCL speed test tool.
  • Click on “GO” in a circle.
  • The tool will display your PTCL internet speed.

How Can I Fix My Ptcl Slow Speed?

Any interruption can be fixed easily, and there are many ways to improve these interruptions. Interruption occurs when the internet speed is slower than the actual one, and you can set them on your own.

  • The fewer devices connected to an internet connection, the better the speed. So, by reducing connecting devices, improve internet speed.
  • The router also plays a role in internet speed. Replacing your old router with a new one after some time makes the pace better.
  • Besides the router itself, the location of a router or your connected device also matters a lot. Make sure to be in range.
  • If you still have problems and need help understanding the root cause, consult with an Internet Services Provider.

What Are The Best Internet Service Providers In Pakistan?

With time, Internet service providers in Pakistan developed and provided satisfactory packages and fast speed. There are many of them, including some of them are;

  • PTCL
  • WiTribe
  • Fiberlink