DSL Speed Test

DSL Speed Test: Overview

The speed test helps us to know how fast and good quality our Internet is. DSL speed test is an online means to determine how good and prompt services are by a DSL telecom company. It is a well-designed and user-friendly tool that gives you authentic reports about internet speed. It also computes download speed, upload speed, jitter, and ping.

The quality of the Internet depends on how fast its speed is. No other factor majorly determines what high-quality Internet is. But, sometimes, the rate falls. Several reasons can be the source of slow internet speed. We are unable to detect the problem. Thus, the speed test tool is a program designed on such an algorithm that gives us quantitative values of the ‘why’ of a slow internet connection.

The benefit of using the DSL speed test tool is its characteristic of canceling third-party opinion. Interference from third parties causes biased results. This affects the results and is not authentic. So, the test tool configures in a way that cancels out every involvement. This process algorithm ensures that results are precise and accurate.

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How to Direct DSL Speed Test?

Directing DSL speed tests is not time time-consuming process. It is an easy and fast-processing process that activates by a single click. Before running the test, ensure your device is directly connected via an Ethernet cable router or Wi-Fi network.

Open your web browser and go to www.fastspeedcheck.us. The tool page opens and takes you to the ‘GO’ button. Please press the button. A click can run the system, and our server activates. The server collects basic information to compute the report. It is a stepwise process, i.e., calculating internet speed first, downloading and upload speed, and other variables.

Remember to run the test 2 or 3 times and at different times of day for more authentic results. Also, disconnect all other devices from the Internet, close all background apps, and clear the cache before running the test.

DSL Speed Test

Understanding of Your DSL Speed Test Report

The report shows your internet quality with its other parameters. You can compare these simple values with the average and determine whether you receive promised services.

  • Download Speed: This measures transmitting information from the Internet to your computer. The data could be photos, videos, or even games. For example, YouTube/Facebook video streaming, surfing a website, or loading a webpage. You need more download speed if multiple people use the internet connection simultaneously.
  • Upload Speed: The rate at which any data is uploaded/transmitted from your internet-connected device- a computer or phone to the Internet. In simple words, the speed at which a PC or device can send data to internet servers, like uploading a picture or a video to a YouTube channel or Facebook page. You need high upload speed to send large files and video chat (Skype).

Reasons for Slow Internet

  • Exposed copper wiring
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Your device settings and compatibility
  • Use of multiple devices at the same time
  • Heavy transmission cables
  • Broken or weak LAN wires or signals
  • VPN connection

Any of these factors can cause slow internet performance. Sometimes, you are not receiving the promised services. The problem can be anywhere. After running the DSL speed test, discuss with your ISP and reboot the issue.

Following are some tips to ensure the problem is not on your side.

  • Keep your in the center of the house but above the ground
  • Be in the range of your modem.
  • Reduce the burden on your router.
  • Reboot your router and modem timely.
  • Use a highly sealed copper wire and check for exposed wiring
  • Download a single document at a time.
  • Update your modem or router if required.
  • Clear your cache regularly.


What is a good DSL internet speed?

10-25 Mbps is enough and affordable for moderate-range DSL speed. It is reasonable for checking emails, streaming videos, and gaming.

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How can I increase my DSL speed?

Run the speed test tool at www.fastspeedcheck.us and find the root cause of your slow internet connection. Other than that, the following are some ways to improve your internet speed.

  1. Place your router inside and reboot it if necessary
  2. Be in the range of your modem.
  3. Reduce the burden on your router.
  4. Use a highly sealed copper wire.
  5. Check regularly for exposed wiring.
  6. Download a single document at a time.
  7. Clear your cache regularly.