CIK Speed Test

CIK Speed Test: A Rundown

CIK speed test tool checks your current stable internet connection status by CIK broadband internet services. It is an online source to understand the ‘why’ of your slow internet connection. You get your results about internet quality in figures, easy to compare with the average, and check whether you are receiving your promised services. It quantifies internet speed and other parameters, including download speed, upload speed, Latency, and jitter.

The speed test runs on a specific algorithm that activates a certain way. Once you initiate the process, the algorithm automatically works, and you receive your generated report in no time.

The benefit of directing the CIK speed test is that your results are unbiased and independent of any third-party involvement. Any meddling from other parties will lead to unauthentic and forged results. That is why the speed test has the principle to cancel all interference. This ensures that your results are authentic and accurate.

About CIK Telecom

CIK Telecom, founded in 2003, is a telecommunication company in Canada. It has more than 400 hundred employees, all working to provide high-quality services to customers. In terms of reliability and internet speed, CIK always satisfies its users. It offers powerful speed and quality that you can easily steam HD videos, play online games, and download large files without any obstruction.

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Understanding Your Speed Test Report

The CIK speed test computes not only internet speed but also its components. Following are the parameters of internet connection speed.

  • Download speed test: It indicates how quickly data gets downloaded to your device. Measured in Mbps, the result of download speed reveals how easily you can download stuff online without hindrance.
  • Upload speed test: Upload speed, measured in Mbps, determines how fast data can get uploaded online from your device.
  • Jitter test: It indicates the delay in time in data travels from its destination. Jitter is measured in milliseconds.
  • Ping test: Ping is called Latency and measured in milliseconds. The ping is the data travel time between two servers. The ping value should be small, and this indicates good internet quality.

CIK speed test

How to Direct The CIK Speed Test

Directing speed tests is an effortless process. All you need to do is ensure that it either directly By Ethernet cable or indirectly connects to Wi-Fi internet. Here is a quick guide to running the speed test.

Open your web browser and search for You can go to the tool page by this step. You will find the ‘GO’ button. Please press that button and wait for a while to complete the process. Our website will collect all the required information and procedure it. It is a fast-running process, and you will receive your results quickly.

Remember to repeat the test 2 or 3 times and shut down all the background apps of your device. Doing so makes the chances of errors slim, and the results are authentic.

After getting your results, you can contact your ISP if the results differ from the promised services. Reboot your internet services and get what you are paying for.

Things to Do Before Running Speed Test

The speed test results are affected by multiple factors. Whether it is your location or the time of the day you are directing the test, it will affect the results. Here is a list of things you can do before running the test that might help in more accurate results.

  • Disconnect VPN
  • Use an Ethernet cable
  • Clear cache
  • Refresh your router for at least 1 minute
  • Reduce load on router and place it inside

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Why upload and download is speed different for internet connection?

Upload speed differs from download speed because people tend to download more than upload stuff. So, ISPs provide more attention to the download speed.

Why is my internet slow?

There are several reasons for slow internet connection. It can be server-based technical issues or physical factors, including extreme weather, broken or weak LAN, heavy transmission nearby, etc. Run the speed test at and get the basic figure of the ‘why’ of your slow internet.