Bezeq Speed Test

What is Bezeq Speed Test?

Bezeq speed test tools evaluate the current and actual broadband speed of Bezeq. It is an online tool to check and determine the internet connection speed of Bezeq internet services. Bezeq speed test is an independent utility that gives you reliable results. It quantifies internet speed and provides the download and upload speed, network jitter, and ping. These are the parameters of internet speed.

Internet connection speed is measured by a specified algorithm already determined to process. The algorithm runs and operates in a certain way. The speed test tool then collects the required information and calculates the internet speed and its parameters.

The advantage of using the Bezeq speed test is that it measures your internet speed without a third party’s involvement. Any interference from any third party will affect the results and might give unfair results. Thou, the speed test runs on the system that cancels all other parties’ involvements.

About Bezeq Internet Services

Israeli telecommunication company Bezeq and its affiliated companies offer a wide range of telecom services, including high-speed internet, mobile telephony, transmission, fixed line, etc. Bezeq was established in 1984 and holds dominant status in Israel to this day despite all ups and downs in its way. The market competition makes its services grow more and more powerful, with a market share of 62.9 percent.

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Operating the Bezeq Speed Test

Bezeq speed test tool is an effortless operating tool. One-click can start the system, and all the obtained data is processed automatically, and results are generated. Ensure your device is connected to Wi-Fi internet and follow the following guidelines.

  • Open any search engine of your choice and search for fastspeedcheck.usA button with ‘GO’ appears on your device’s screen.
  • Click the button, and the system operates.
  • The server collects information about your location from nearby servers and sends the information globally.
  • The results about your internet speed and its parameters are displayed on your screen after a few seconds.

When you get your results and find out your results are not worthy enough, how much are you paying? The number of services you were promised at the subscription time is better. Then, contact your ISP, discuss your problem with them, and demand the benefits you deserve.

NOTE: Remember to repeat the described steps 2 or 3 times. By repeating, the chances of errors will closed to zero, and results will be more accurate.


Parameters of Speed Test

  1. Upload speed informs us how much time data needs to upload online from the device. It impacts the time data is required to send heavy files and videos online. It is measured in Mbps.
  2. Download speed tells us how much data needs to get downloaded from the internet on your device at a particular time. It is also measured in Mbps and is critical because people are more prone to download stuff than upload it.
  3. Jitter is a data travel time, measured in milliseconds, from one remote server to its final point. Network jitter is an irregular time delay and causes congestion while streaming online.
  4. Ping is also called latency. Ping is the data travel time between two servers. Measured in milliseconds, it tells us how much time data requires to move back and forth in servers. The ping value should be small.

Factors Influencing Internet Speed

Multiple factors influence your internet connection. Some have positive effects, and others result in slow internet speed. Positive aspects include clearing the cache regularly, refreshing your modem, reducing the load on the modem, etc.

Keeping track of the negative causes of slow internet helps in many ways. Physical factors that harm your internet quality are exposed wiring, extreme weather, weak or broken LAN wire or signals, nearby heavy transmission cables, or the problem might be at your ISP end. Pinpointing the actual problem helps you find the solution without wasting your time.

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Why do we focus more on download speed than upload?

People tend to download more data from the internet than upload it online. That’s why we put more effort into download speed.

How fast is high-speed internet?

25 Mbps is enough for high-quality internet speed.